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var F, E, W, I, D, T log.LevelPrinter = log.GetLogPrinterSet(subsystem)


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type Client

type Client struct {

func New

func New(conn io.ReadWriteCloser) *Client

New creates a new client for a kopach_worker. Note that any kind of connection can be used here, other than the StdConn

func (*Client) NewJob

func (c *Client) NewJob(templates *templates.Message) (e error)

NewJob is a delivery of a new job for the worker, this starts a miner note that since this implements net/rpc by default this is gob encoded

func (*Client) Pause

func (c *Client) Pause() (e error)

Pause tells the worker to stop working, this is for when the controlling node is not current

func (*Client) SendPass

func (c *Client) SendPass(pass []byte) (e error)

SendPass sends the multicast PSK to the workers so they can dispatch their solutions

func (*Client) Stop

func (c *Client) Stop() (e error)

Stop the workers

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