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func NewConfigurableHandler

func NewConfigurableHandler(next, actualHandler http.Handler, cfgs ...ConfigurableMiddlewareOption) *configurableHandler

NewConfigurableHandler creates a configurableHandler, that wraps anther handler. actualHandler is the handler, that is called if the request is not ignored

func NewIgnorePrefixMiddleware

func NewIgnorePrefixMiddleware(actualMiddleware func(http.Handler) http.Handler, prefixes ...string) func(http.Handler) http.Handler

NewIgnorePrefixMiddleware creates a middleware that wraps the actualMiddleware. The handler of this middleware skips the actual middleware if the path has a prefix of the prefixes slice.

type ConfigurableMiddlewareOption

type ConfigurableMiddlewareOption func(*configurableHandler) error

ConfigurableMiddlewareOption is a functional option to configure the handler

func WithoutPrefixes

func WithoutPrefixes(prefix ...string) ConfigurableMiddlewareOption

WithoutPrefixes allows to configure the ignoredPrefix slice

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