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Chef cookbook compositor (aka universe endpoint)

This is an implementation of a chef-universe server that layers sources. Right now it uses Github releases/tags as the primary source for cookbook information. Then layers the supermarket universe data behind the Github data. This lets you effectively 'namespace' your cookbooks. More backend sources and more merge strategies are planned to be implemented. It also provides a Github hook endpoint for updating cookbook data as well as poling Github on a sync interval.


  • Exclusive Merge of sources (Github org before supermarket universe)
  • GitHub hook Universe updates
  • understands tags beyond /^v\d.\d.\d/
  • Efficient usage of Github api
  • Stable service

Getting Started

Pull a release from releases for your architecture.

Build from source

This project is using the Go 1.5 vendor experiment to manage dependencies. Fetch the repo source per normal with go get:

go get
Vendored Deps

Then run make in the source directory. Make will 'go get' gvt, which is used to manage vendoring dependencies into the ./vendor directory, and build from source

cd $GOPATH/src/ && make

How to use

The most simple setup is to just ./baryon -p 80 -o mygithuborg -t mytoken -s hooksecret this starts a server that will listen on port 80, and index 'mygithuborg' using your github token and waiting for github hook payloads with 'hooksecret' as githubs auth request to baryon.

  ./baryon --help
  baryon [OPTIONS]

Application Options:
  -p, --port=       Port to listen on (443) [$BARYON_PORT]
  -b, --bind=       Ip address to bind to ( [$BARYON_BIND]
  -s, --secret=     The web-hook secret [$BARYON_HOOK_SECRET]
  -k, --key=        Specify a Key file to enable server to start TLS [$BARYON_KEY]
  -c, --cert=       Cert file for TLS [$BARYON_CERT]
  -o, --org=        Github Org to find cookbooks [$BARYON_GITHUB_ORG]
  -t, --token=      Github API token to use when connecting [$BARYON_GITHUB_TOKEN]
  -i, --interval=   Interval to perform full sync against github repos. Supports Golang duration formatting '1h2m'... etc. (12h)
      --no-sync     Do NOT perform a github scan/sync when starting. Periodic sync will still fire [$BARYON_NOSYNC]
      --berks-only  Only use berks compatable version tags in the universe [$BARYON_BERKSONLY]

Help Options:
  -h, --help        Show this help message


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this is gutted/extended from TODO(jesse): could clean this up alot
this is gutted/extended from TODO(jesse): could clean this up alot

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