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func Get

func Get(symbol string) (*finance.Index, error)

Get returns an Index quote that matches the parameters specified.


type Client

type Client struct {
	B finance.Backend

Client is used to invoke quote APIs.

func (Client) ListP

func (c Client) ListP(params *Params) *Iter

ListP returns a quote iterator.

type Iter

type Iter struct {

Iter is an iterator for a list of quotes. The embedded Iter carries methods with it; see its documentation for details.

func List

func List(symbols []string) *Iter

List returns several quotes.

func ListP

func ListP(params *Params) *Iter

ListP returns a quote iterator and requires a params struct as an argument.

func (*Iter) Index

func (i *Iter) Index() *finance.Index

Index returns the most recent Index visited by a call to Next.

type Params

type Params struct {
	finance.Params `form:"-"`
	// Symbols are the symbols for which a
	// quote is requested.
	Symbols []string `form:"-"`
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Params carries a context and symbols information.

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