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func AddInt32

func AddInt32(val *int32, delta int32) (new int32)

func AddInt64

func AddInt64(val *int64, delta int64) (new int64)

func AddUint32

func AddUint32(val *uint32, delta uint32) (new uint32)

func AddUint64

func AddUint64(val *uint64, delta uint64) (new uint64)

func AddUintptr

func AddUintptr(val *uintptr, delta uintptr) (new uintptr)

func CompareAndSwapInt32

func CompareAndSwapInt32(val *int32, old, new int32) (swapped bool)

func CompareAndSwapInt64

func CompareAndSwapInt64(val *int64, old, new int64) (swapped bool)

func CompareAndSwapPointer

func CompareAndSwapPointer(val *unsafe.Pointer, old, new unsafe.Pointer) (swapped bool)

func CompareAndSwapUint32

func CompareAndSwapUint32(val *uint32, old, new uint32) (swapped bool)

func CompareAndSwapUint64

func CompareAndSwapUint64(val *uint64, old, new uint64) (swapped bool)

func CompareAndSwapUintptr

func CompareAndSwapUintptr(val *uintptr, old, new uintptr) (swapped bool)

func LoadInt32

func LoadInt32(addr *int32) (val int32)

func LoadInt64

func LoadInt64(addr *int64) (val int64)

func LoadPointer

func LoadPointer(addr *unsafe.Pointer) unsafe.Pointer

func LoadUint32

func LoadUint32(addr *uint32) (val uint32)

Defined in atomic.ll

func LoadUint64

func LoadUint64(addr *uint64) (val uint64)

func LoadUintptr

func LoadUintptr(addr *uintptr) uintptr

func StoreInt32

func StoreInt32(addr *int32, val int32)

func StoreInt64

func StoreInt64(addr *int64, val int64)

func StorePointer

func StorePointer(addr *unsafe.Pointer, val unsafe.Pointer)

func StoreUint32

func StoreUint32(addr *uint32, val uint32)

func StoreUint64

func StoreUint64(addr *uint64, val uint64)

func StoreUintptr

func StoreUintptr(addr *uintptr, val uintptr)


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