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type Controller

type Controller struct {
	Source   source.Source
	Registry registry.Registry
	// The policy that defines which changes to DNS records are allowed
	Policy plan.Policy
	// The interval between individual synchronizations
	Interval time.Duration

Controller is responsible for orchestrating the different components. It works in the following way: * Ask the DNS provider for current list of endpoints. * Ask the Source for the desired list of endpoints. * Take both lists and calculate a Plan to move current towards desired state. * Tell the DNS provider to apply the changes calucated by the Plan.

func (*Controller) Run

func (c *Controller) Run(stopChan <-chan struct{})

Run runs RunOnce in a loop with a delay until stopChan receives a value.

func (*Controller) RunOnce

func (c *Controller) RunOnce() error

RunOnce runs a single iteration of a reconciliation loop.

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