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const (
	// MortalLifetime is valid life time for mortal account
	// It means any msg from this account, if need to proof the msg be sent during the account life time.
	// The reference of that msg must contain at least one msg from the time proof account, which used
	// in BirthMsg when create this account. And the reference must choose from the msg from used as reference
	// birth message to next 2^16 messages from the same time proof account.
	MortalLifetime uint64 = 1 << 12 // 16

	// ReproductionInterval is valid time interval for reproduction
	// The interval is 1/4 of life time, so any account can participate in reproduction for three times.
	// Each reproduction need two account to cosign, so the max reproduce rate for mortal is 1.5
	ReproductionInterval = MortalLifetime >> 2

	// MaxLifeTime is valid life time for 0 generation account (root accounts Adam & Eve)
	MaxLifeTime = MortalLifetime << 16

	// LifetimeReduceRate is life time of account will reduce except the mortal.
	// life_time_of_child = max(life_time_of_parent) / LifetimeReduceRate
	// if life_time_of_child < MortalLifetime then life_time_of_child = MortalLifetime
	LifetimeReduceRate = 2


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