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const (
	LinuxForeground_Black   = 0x1E
	LinuxForeground_Red     = 0x1F
	LinuxForeground_GREEN   = 0x20
	LinuxForeground_YELLOW  = 0x21
	LinuxForeground_BLUE    = 0x22
	LinuxForeground_FUCHSIA = 0x23
	LinuxForeground_CYAN    = 0x24
	LinuxForeground_WHITE   = 0x25
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const (
	LinuxBackground_Black   = 0x28
	LinuxBackground_Red     = 0x29
	LinuxBackground_GREEN   = 0x2a
	LinuxBackground_YELLOW  = 0x2b
	LinuxBackground_BLUE    = 0x2c
	LinuxBackground_FUCHSIA = 0x2d
	LinuxBackground_CYAN    = 0x2e
	LinuxBackground_WHITE   = 0x2f
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const (
	WinFontColor_Black        = 0x01
	WinFontColor_Blue         = 0x02
	WinFontColor_Green        = 0x03
	WinFontColor_Cyan         = 0x04
	WinFontColor_Red          = 0x05
	WinFontColor_Purple       = 0x06
	WinFontColor_Yellow       = 0x07
	WinFontColor_Light_gray   = 0x08
	WinFontColor_Gray         = 0x09
	WinFontColor_Light_blue   = 0xa
	WinFontColor_Light_green  = 0xb
	WinFontColor_Light_cyan   = 0xc
	WinFontColor_Light_red    = 0xd
	WinFontColor_Light_purple = 0xf
	WinFontColor_Light_yellow = 0x10
	WinFontColor_White        = 0x11



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func BatHide

func BatHide(param []string)

func CheckPortUsed

func CheckPortUsed(port int) bool

func CmdHide

func CmdHide()

func IsChineseName

func IsChineseName(str string) bool

func IsEmail

func IsEmail(str string) bool

func IsFloat

func IsFloat(str string) bool

func IsHMS

func IsHMS(str string) bool

func IsHMS_APM

func IsHMS_APM(str string) bool

func IsIP

func IsIP(str string) bool

func IsMobilePhone

func IsMobilePhone(str string) bool

func IsNumber

func IsNumber(str string) bool

func IsOnlyChinese

func IsOnlyChinese(str string) bool

func IsYMD

func IsYMD(str string) bool


func IsYMDHMS(str string) bool

func LinuxColorPrint

func LinuxColorPrint(bg int, fg int, str string)

@param 1: background color @param 2: foreground color @param 3: content

func LinuxDefaultBGPrint

func LinuxDefaultBGPrint(fg int, str string)

default background color: black @param 1: foreground color @param 2: content

func LinuxDefaultColorPrint

func LinuxDefaultColorPrint(str string)

default background color: black default foreground color: white @param 1: content

func WinColorPrint

func WinColorPrint(color int, str string)


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