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func NewStateBloomFromDisk

func NewStateBloomFromDisk(filename string) (*stateBloom, error)

NewStateBloomFromDisk loads the state bloom from the given file. In this case the assumption is held the bloom filter is complete.

func RecoverPruning

func RecoverPruning(datadir string, db pecdb.Database, trieCachePath string) error

RecoverPruning will resume the pruning procedure during the system restart. This function is used in this case: user tries to prune state data, but the system was interrupted midway because of crash or manual-kill. In this case if the bloom filter for filtering active state is already constructed, the pruning can be resumed. What's more if the bloom filter is constructed, the pruning **has to be resumed**. Otherwise a lot of dangling nodes may be left in the disk.


type Pruner

type Pruner struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Pruner is an offline tool to prune the stale state with the help of the snapshot. The workflow of pruner is very simple:

- iterate the snapshot, reconstruct the relevant state - iterate the database, delete all other state entries which

don't belong to the target state and the genesis state

It can take several hours(around 2 hours for mainnet) to finish the whole pruning work. It's recommended to run this offline tool periodically in order to release the disk usage and improve the disk read performance to some extent.

func NewPruner

func NewPruner(db pecdb.Database, headHeader *types.Header, datadir, trieCachePath string, bloomSize uint64) (*Pruner, error)

NewPruner creates the pruner instance.

func (*Pruner) Prune

func (p *Pruner) Prune(root common.Hash) error

Prune deletes all historical state nodes except the nodes belong to the specified state version. If user doesn't specify the state version, use the bottom-most snapshot diff layer as the target.

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