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const (
	DefaultP2PPort = "9080"


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var Service = &P2PService{
	ctx: context.Background(),


func GetP2PPort

func GetP2PPort() string

func Routes

func Routes() (router *Router)


type Binding

type Binding = bufio.ReadWriter

A binding to another peer, represented by a rw buffer.

type P2PService

type P2PService struct {
	// The urls under which the peer can be accessed.
	// This variable is set when `Run` is called.
	URLs []url.URL
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*P2PService) Broadcast

func (service *P2PService) Broadcast(object interface{})

Broadcast an object to all bound peers and the dashboard. The object will be JSON serialized for transfer.

func (*P2PService) Run

func (service *P2PService) Run(bootstrapHost string)

Initialize the blockchain peer. Use the parameter `bootstrapTarget` to add a target url for the bootstrapping service. Note that this method will never return.

func (*P2PService) SubscribeIncoming

func (service *P2PService) SubscribeIncoming(channel chan []byte)

func (*P2PService) SubscribeOutgoing

func (service *P2PService) SubscribeOutgoing(channel chan []byte)

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