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func GetDockerfileFromConfig

func GetDockerfileFromConfig(path string) string

func NewDockerClient

func NewDockerClient() (client *docker.Client, err error)

NewDockerClient creates a docker client

func ParseDockerfileTemplate

func ParseDockerfileTemplate(template string) string

func WriteBytesToPackage

func WriteBytesToPackage(name string, payload []byte, tw *tar.Writer) error

func WriteFileToPackage

func WriteFileToPackage(localpath string, packagepath string, tw *tar.Writer) error

WriteFileToPackage writes a file to the tarball

func WriteFolderToTarPackage

func WriteFolderToTarPackage(tw *tar.Writer, srcPath string, excludeDirs []string, includeFileTypeMap map[string]bool, excludeFileTypeMap map[string]bool) error

WriteFolderToTarPackage writes source files to a tarball. This utility is used for node js chaincode packaging, but not golang chaincode. Golang chaincode has more sophisticated file packaging, as implemented in golang/platform.go.

func WriteJavaProjectToPackage

func WriteJavaProjectToPackage(tw *tar.Writer, srcPath string) error

Package Java project to tar file from the source path

func WriteStreamToPackage

func WriteStreamToPackage(is io.Reader, localpath string, packagepath string, tw *tar.Writer) error

WriteStreamToPackage writes bytes (from a file reader) to the tarball


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