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const (
	GetChainInfo       string = "GetChainInfo"
	GetBlockByNumber   string = "GetBlockByNumber"
	GetBlockByHash     string = "GetBlockByHash"
	GetTransactionByID string = "GetTransactionByID"
	GetBlockByTxID     string = "GetBlockByTxID"

These are function names from Invoke first parameter


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type LedgerQuerier

type LedgerQuerier struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

LedgerQuerier implements the ledger query functions, including: - GetChainInfo returns BlockchainInfo - GetBlockByNumber returns a block - GetBlockByHash returns a block - GetTransactionByID returns a transaction

func New

func New(aclProvider aclmgmt.ACLProvider) *LedgerQuerier

New returns an instance of QSCC. Typically this is called once per peer.

func (*LedgerQuerier) Chaincode

func (e *LedgerQuerier) Chaincode() shim.Chaincode

func (*LedgerQuerier) Enabled

func (e *LedgerQuerier) Enabled() bool

func (*LedgerQuerier) Init

Init is called once per chain when the chain is created. This allows the chaincode to initialize any variables on the ledger prior to any transaction execution on the chain.

func (*LedgerQuerier) InitArgs

func (e *LedgerQuerier) InitArgs() [][]byte

func (*LedgerQuerier) InvokableCC2CC

func (e *LedgerQuerier) InvokableCC2CC() bool

func (*LedgerQuerier) InvokableExternal

func (e *LedgerQuerier) InvokableExternal() bool

func (*LedgerQuerier) Invoke

Invoke is called with args[0] contains the query function name, args[1] contains the chain ID, which is temporary for now until it is part of stub. Each function requires additional parameters as described below: # GetChainInfo: Return a BlockchainInfo object marshalled in bytes # GetBlockByNumber: Return the block specified by block number in args[2] # GetBlockByHash: Return the block specified by block hash in args[2] # GetTransactionByID: Return the transaction specified by ID in args[2]

func (*LedgerQuerier) Name

func (e *LedgerQuerier) Name() string

func (*LedgerQuerier) Path

func (e *LedgerQuerier) Path() string

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