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var SelectAllPolicy = func(discovery.NetworkMember) bool {
	return true

SelectAllPolicy selects all members given

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var SelectNonePolicy = func(discovery.NetworkMember) bool {
	return false

SelectNonePolicy selects an empty set of members


func AnyMatch

func AnyMatch(peerPool []discovery.NetworkMember, filters ...RoutingFilter) []discovery.NetworkMember

AnyMatch filters out peers that don't match any of the given filters

func First

func First(peerPool []discovery.NetworkMember, filter RoutingFilter) *comm.RemotePeer

First returns the first peer that matches the given filter

func SelectPeers

func SelectPeers(k int, peerPool []discovery.NetworkMember, filter RoutingFilter) []*comm.RemotePeer

SelectPeers returns a slice of peers that match the routing filter


type RoutingFilter

type RoutingFilter func(discovery.NetworkMember) bool

RoutingFilter defines a predicate on a NetworkMember It is used to assert whether a given NetworkMember should be selected for be given a message

func CombineRoutingFilters

func CombineRoutingFilters(filters ...RoutingFilter) RoutingFilter

CombineRoutingFilters returns the logical AND of given routing filters

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