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func SelectEndpoints

func SelectEndpoints(k int, peerPool []discovery.NetworkMember) []*comm.RemotePeer

SelectEndpoints select k peers from peerPool and returns them.


type Config

type Config struct {
	ID                string
	PullInterval      time.Duration // Duration between pull invocations
	Channel           common.ChainID
	PeerCountToSelect int // Number of peers to initiate pull with
	Tag               proto.GossipMessage_Tag
	MsgType           proto.PullMsgType
	PullEngineConfig  algo.PullEngineConfig

Config defines the configuration of the pull mediator

type EgressDigestFilter

type EgressDigestFilter func(helloMsg proto.ReceivedMessage) func(digestItem string) bool

EgressDigestFilter filters digests to be sent to a remote peer, that sent a hello with the following message

type IngressDigestFilter

type IngressDigestFilter func(digestMsg *proto.DataDigest) *proto.DataDigest

IngressDigestFilter filters out entities in digests that are received from remote peers

type Mediator

type Mediator interface {
	// Stop stop the Mediator

	// RegisterMsgHook registers a message hook to a specific type of pull message
	RegisterMsgHook(MsgType, MessageHook)

	// Add adds a GossipMessage to the Mediator

	// Remove removes a GossipMessage from the Mediator with a matching digest,
	// if such a message exits
	Remove(digest string)

	// HandleMessage handles a message from some remote peer
	HandleMessage(msg proto.ReceivedMessage)

Mediator is a component wrap a PullEngine and provides the methods it needs to perform pull synchronization. The specialization of a pull mediator to a certain type of message is done by the configuration, a IdentifierExtractor, IdentifierExtractor given at construction, and also hooks that can be registered for each type of pullMsgType (hello, digest, req, res).

func NewPullMediator

func NewPullMediator(config Config, adapter *PullAdapter) Mediator

NewPullMediator returns a new Mediator

type MembershipService

type MembershipService interface {
	// GetMembership returns the membership of
	GetMembership() []discovery.NetworkMember

MembershipService obtains membership information of alive peers

type MessageHook

type MessageHook func(itemIDs []string, items []*proto.SignedGossipMessage, msg proto.ReceivedMessage)

MessageHook defines a function that will run after a certain pull message is received

type MsgType

type MsgType int

MsgType defines the type of a message that is sent to the PullStore

const (
	HelloMsgType MsgType = iota

Constants go here.

type PullAdapter

type PullAdapter struct {
	Sndr             Sender
	MemSvc           MembershipService
	IdExtractor      proto.IdentifierExtractor
	MsgCons          proto.MsgConsumer
	EgressDigFilter  EgressDigestFilter
	IngressDigFilter IngressDigestFilter

PullAdapter defines methods of the pullStore to interact with various modules of gossip

type Sender

type Sender interface {
	// Send sends a message to a list of remote peers
	Send(msg *proto.SignedGossipMessage, peers ...*comm.RemotePeer)

Sender sends messages to remote peers

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