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An app that's designed to monitor urls to see if they are under lockdown. It can load these urls using a combination of the following:

  • text file format (urls separated by newlines)
  • gcloud CLI


  • download the latest stable binary for your OS from
  • The binary is all that's required, but if you wish to avail of the mailgun (email) notifications you'll need to include reports/tmpl/ so that amald can find the html templates & you'll also need to ensure the config.yaml is set up and correctly configured.
  • If you wish to utilise storage (for report summaries) you'll need to ensure that a folder ./tmp exists and is writable (amald will create data.json file)


The config file will load by default at ./config.yaml. An example config has been provided at ./config/example.config.yaml. Note that if you wish to enable some of the features you may need to configure some things first:

  • gcloud features require the CLI to be installed & already auth'ed. It will attempt to update alpha and app components as they are required to run the commands that Amald uses.
  • If you wish to enable Mailgun notifications an api key & api url is required.


  • Run the binary (eg. ./amald)


Type ./amald -h to list the supported flags

  • I've only built and tested this on linux 64
  • This has been built to scrape a CLI and parse the output - far from ideal & wide open to breaks as CLI updates wont be reflected in this tool automatically
  • The lockdown only checks for 401 or if there are X-Auto-Login headers at the moment
  • This is beta

You can run this tool however you like. Something like a cronjob would be useful. Here is an example of the ASCII output:

manually ran in terminal

You can enable email reports using the mailgun feature, via config.yaml:

email output

PR's welcome :)

~ amald == are my apps locked down?

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