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const (
	ComposeProjectName   = "COMPOSE_PROJECT_NAME"
	ComposeFileSeparator = "COMPOSE_FILE_SEPARATOR"
	ComposeFilePath      = "COMPOSE_FILE"


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var DefaultFileNames = []string{"compose.yaml", "compose.yml", "docker-compose.yml", "docker-compose.yaml"}

DefaultFileNames defines the Compose file names for auto-discovery (in order of preference)


func ProjectFromOptions

func ProjectFromOptions(options *ProjectOptions) (*types.Project, error)

ProjectFromOptions load a compose project based on command line options

func WithDiscardEnvFile

func WithDiscardEnvFile(o *ProjectOptions) error

WithDiscardEnvFiles sets discards the `env_file` section after resolving to the `environment` section

func WithDotEnv

func WithDotEnv(o *ProjectOptions) error

WithDotEnv imports environment variables from .env file

func WithOsEnv

func WithOsEnv(o *ProjectOptions) error

WithOsEnv imports environment variables from OS


type ProjectOptions

type ProjectOptions struct {
	Name        string
	WorkingDir  string
	ConfigPaths []string
	Environment map[string]string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ProjectOptions groups the command line options recommended for a Compose implementation

func NewProjectOptions

func NewProjectOptions(configs []string, opts ...ProjectOptionsFn) (*ProjectOptions, error)

NewProjectOptions creates ProjectOptions

func (ProjectOptions) GetWorkingDir

func (o ProjectOptions) GetWorkingDir() (string, error)

type ProjectOptionsFn

type ProjectOptionsFn func(*ProjectOptions) error

func WithEnv

func WithEnv(env []string) ProjectOptionsFn

WithEnv defines a key=value set of variables used for compose file interpolation

func WithName

func WithName(name string) ProjectOptionsFn

WithName defines ProjectOptions' name

func WithWorkingDirectory

func WithWorkingDirectory(wd string) ProjectOptionsFn

WithWorkingDirectory defines ProjectOptions' working directory

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