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go-shippable is a Go client library for accessing the Shippable API.

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go-shippable requires Go version 1.1 or greater.


import ""

Create a new Shippable API client by passing an authentication token (you can create a token from your Shippable account settings if you are on a subscription plan)

token := "mytoken"
client := shippable.NewClient(token)
projects, _, err := client.Projects.GetProjects()


For complete usage of go-shippable, see the full package docs.


This library is being initially developed for a DevOps CI/CD internal application at PeoplePerHour and SuperTasker

Contributions are more than welcomed. PRs bundled with tests will get merged ASAP.

Note: We are looking for someone to maintain the project, as we no longer actively using it. Ping us at devops at


This library is distributed under the BSD-style license found in the LICENSE file.



Package shippable is a library providing access to Shippable API.



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func Stringify

func Stringify(anyStruct interface{}) string

Stringify attempts to create a reasonable string representation of types. It does things like resolve pointers to their values and omits struct fields with nil values. This is taken from Stringify method of go-github. License can be found at


type Account

type Account struct {
	AccountAuthorizationLastSyncEndDate   *string     `json:"accountAuthorizationLastSyncEndDate"`
	AccountAuthorizationLastSyncStartDate *string     `json:"accountAuthorizationLastSyncStartDate"`
	BraintreeCustomerID                   *string     `json:"braintreeCustomerId"`
	Created                               *string     `json:"created"`
	ID                                    *string     `json:"id"`
	Identities                            *[]Identity `json:"identities"`
	LastAccountSyncEndDate                *string     `json:"lastAccountSyncEndDate"`
	LastAccountSyncStartDate              *string     `json:"lastAccountSyncStartDate"`
	LastUsedIdentityID                    *string     `json:"lastUsedIdentityId"`
	SystemRoles                           *[]string   `json:"systemRoles"`

Account is the Shippable API user entity.

type AccountService

type AccountService struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

AccountService interacts with the /acounts endpoint of Shippable API.

func (*AccountService) DeleteAccount

func (a *AccountService) DeleteAccount(id string) (ok bool, resp *Response, err error)

DeleteAccount deletes the specified Shippable account ID.

func (*AccountService) GetAccount

func (a *AccountService) GetAccount(id string) (account *Account, resp *Response, err error)

GetAccount returns information of a specific Shippable account ID.

func (*AccountService) GetAccountIdentities

func (a *AccountService) GetAccountIdentities(id string) (identities *[]string, resp *Response, err error)

GetAccountIdentities returns a string list of identity ids associated with this account. Your account can have multiple identities. There will always be at least one identity, and that is the identity of your linked github or bitbucket account. Another identity your account could take is the identity of an organization it belongs to.

func (*AccountService) GetAccounts

func (a *AccountService) GetAccounts() (accounts *[]string, resp *Response, err error)

GetAccounts returns a string list of your Shippable account IDs.

type BaseBuild

type BaseBuild struct {
	BranchCoveragePercent   *int            `json:"branchCoveragePercent"`
	BuildNumber             *int            `json:"buildNumber"`
	CommitTag               *string         `json:"commitTag"`
	ConsoleLogBytes         *int            `json:"consoleLogBytes"`
	ConsoleLogLineCount     *int            `json:"consoleLogLineCount"`
	DeprovisionStatusDate   *string         `json:"deprovisionStatusDate"`
	Duration                *int            `json:"duration"`
	EndDate                 *string         `json:"endDate"`
	Environment             *string         `json:"environment"`
	Gemfile                 *string         `json:"gemfile"`
	ImageCommitStatusDate   *string         `json:"imageCommitStatusDate"`
	IsBuildCompleted        *bool           `json:"isBuildCompleted"`
	IsCompleted             *bool           `json:"isCompleted"`
	IsFailureAllowed        *bool           `json:"isFailureAllowed"`
	IsSubscriptionHost      *bool           `json:"isSubscriptionHost"`
	Jdk                     *string         `json:"jdk"`
	MatrixValues            *[]MatrixResult `json:"matrixValues"`
	QueuedDate              *string         `json:"queuedDate"`
	SequenceCoveragePercent *int            `json:"sequenceCoveragePercent"`
	Size                    interface{}     `json:"size"`
	StartDate               *string         `json:"startDate"`
	Status                  *int            `json:"status"`
	Steps                   *BuildSteps     `json:"steps"`
	TestsFailed             *int            `json:"testsFailed"`
	TestsPassed             *int            `json:"testsPassed"`
	TestsSkipped            *int            `json:"testsSkipped"`
	TotalTests              *int            `json:"totalTests"`
	Version                 *string         `json:"version"`
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

BaseBuild struct represents a unit of the Build matrix.

type Build

type Build struct {
	BaseCommitRef              *string        `json:"baseCommitRef"`
	BeforeCommitSha            *string        `json:"beforeCommitSha"`
	Branch                     *string        `json:"branch"`
	BranchCoveragePercent      float64        `json:"branchCoveragePercent"`
	BranchHead                 *string        `json:"branchHead"`
	BuildGroupNumber           *int           `json:"buildGroupNumber"`
	BuildItemStepOrder         *[]interface{} `json:"buildItemStepOrder"`
	BuildRunnerVersion         *string        `json:"buildRunnerVersion"`
	Builds                     *[]BaseBuild   `json:"builds"`
	CommitSha                  *string        `json:"commitSha"`
	CommitURL                  *string        `json:"commitUrl"`
	Committer                  Person         `json:"committer"`
	CompareURL                 *string        `json:"compareUrl"`
	CreatedByAccountID         *string        `json:"createdByAccountId"`
	CreatedDate                *string        `json:"createdDate"`
	DurationCumulative         *string        `json:"durationCumulative"`
	EmailNotifications         *[]interface{} `json:"emailNotifications"`
	EmailOnFailure             *string        `json:"emailOnFailure"`
	EmailOnSuccess             *string        `json:"emailOnSuccess"`
	ID                         *string        `json:"id"`
	ImageID                    *string        `json:"imageId"`
	ImageName                  *string        `json:"imageName"`
	IsAutoBuild                *bool          `json:"isAutoBuild"`
	IsAutoCommit               *bool          `json:"isAutoCommit"`
	IsAutoPush                 *bool          `json:"isAutoPush"`
	IsCompleted                *bool          `json:"isCompleted"`
	IsPullRequest              *bool          `json:"isPullRequest"`
	IsReRun                    *bool          `json:"isReRun"`
	Language                   *string        `json:"language"`
	LastAuthor                 *Person        `json:"lastAuthor"`
	LastCommitShortDescription *string        `json:"lastCommitShortDescription"`
	Network                    *string        `json:"network"`
	Notifications              *Notifications `json:"notifications"`
	ParallelizedTest           *bool          `json:"parallelizedTest"`
	Privileged                 *bool          `json:"privileged"`
	ProjectID                  *string        `json:"projectId"`
	PullRequestNumber          *int           `json:"pullRequestNumber"`
	RepositoryFileCount        *interface{}   `json:"repositoryFileCount"`
	RepositorySize             *interface{}   `json:"repositorySize"`
	RequiresDedicatedHost      *bool          `json:"requiresDedicatedHost"`
	RunCommand                 *string        `json:"runCommand"`
	SequenceCoveragePercent    *int           `json:"sequenceCoveragePercent"`
	Settings                   *BuildSettings `json:"settings"`
	ShouldArchive              *bool          `json:"shouldArchive"`
	ShouldDecryptSecureEnvs    *bool          `json:"shouldDecryptSecureEnvs"`
	Status                     *int           `json:"status"`
	StatusMessage              *string        `json:"statusMessage"`
	TestsFailed                *int           `json:"testsFailed"`
	TestsPassed                *int           `json:"testsPassed"`
	TestsSkipped               *int           `json:"testsSkipped"`
	TimeoutMS                  *int           `json:"timeoutMS"`
	TotalTests                 *int           `json:"totalTests"`
	TriggeredBy                *Person        `json:"triggeredBy"`
	UpdatedDate                *string        `json:"updatedDate"`

Build is the base structure of Shippable builds.

type BuildSettings

type BuildSettings struct {
	ImageID      *string `json:"imageId"`
	ImageOptions *struct {
		NetworkMode *string `json:"networkMode"`
		Privileged  *bool   `json:"privileged"`
	} `json:"imageOptions"`
	PullImageName         *string `json:"pullImageName"`
	RequiresDedicatedHost *bool   `json:"requiresDedicatedHost"`
	RunCommand            *string `json:"runCommand"`

BuildSettings describe the attributes of a Build.

type BuildStep

type BuildStep struct {
	Duration  *int      `json:"duration"`
	EndTime   *string   `json:"endTime"`
	Report    *[]Report `json:"report"`
	StartTime *string   `json:"startTime"`

BuildStep struct describes a CI step on Shippable.

type BuildSteps

type BuildSteps struct {
	Pull   *BuildStep `json:"pull"`
	Build  *BuildStep `json:"build"`
	Commit *BuildStep `json:"commit"`
	Upload *BuildStep `json:"upload"`
	Report *BuildStep `json:"report"`

BuildSteps structure holds the CI step sequence of Pull/Build/Commit/Upload/Report.

type Client

type Client struct {

	// Endpoint for API requests.  Defaults to the Live Shippable API
	// should have a trailing slash
	Endpoint *url.URL

	// The client's Shippable API token used for Authentication
	Token string

	// User agent used when communicating with the Shippable API.
	UserAgent string

	// Routes/entities used for talking to different parts of the Shippable API.
	Projects *ProjectService
	Accounts *AccountService
	Workflow *WorkflowService
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Client holds the client to Shippable API along with an authorization token and pointers to each Shippable API service/endpoint.

func NewClient

func NewClient(token string) (c *Client)

NewClient returns a new Shippable API client. An authorization token is needed to interact with the service.

func (*Client) Do

func (c *Client) Do(req *http.Request, v interface{}) (*Response, error)

Do sends an API request and returns the API response. The API response is JSON decoded and stored in the value pointed to by v, or returned as an error if an API error has occurred. If v implements the io.Writer interface, the raw response body will be written to v, without attempting to first decode it.

func (*Client) NewRequest

func (c *Client) NewRequest(method, urlStr string, body interface{}) (*http.Request, error)

NewRequest creates an API request. A relative URL can be provided in urlStr, in which case it is resolved relative to the Endpoint of the Client. Relative URLs should always be specified without a preceding slash. If specified, the value pointed to by body is JSON encoded and included as the request body.

type DeployKey

type DeployKey struct {
	Public *string `json:"public"`

DeployKey is used for Project deployment.

type DockerHubCredentials

type DockerHubCredentials struct {
	Username *string
	Password *string
	Email    *string

DockerHubCredentials is used to authenticated against DockerHub registry

type Email

type Email struct {
	Email    *string `json:"email"`
	Primary  bool    `json:"primary"`
	Verified bool    `json:"verified"`

Email of a Shippable API user.

type GithubUser

type GithubUser struct {
	AvatarURL         *string `json:"avatar_url"`
	EventsURL         *string `json:"events_url"`
	FollowersURL      *string `json:"followers_url"`
	FollowingURL      *string `json:"following_url"`
	GistsURL          *string `json:"gists_url"`
	GravatarID        *string `json:"gravatar_id"`
	HTMLURL           *string `json:"html_url"`
	ID                *int    `json:"id"`
	Login             *string `json:"login"`
	OrganizationsURL  *string `json:"organizations_url"`
	ReceivedEventsURL *string `json:"received_events_url"`
	ReposURL          *string `json:"repos_url"`
	SiteAdmin         *bool   `json:"site_admin"`
	StarredURL        *string `json:"starred_url"`
	SubscriptionsURL  *string `json:"subscriptions_url"`
	Type              *string `json:"type"`
	URL               *string `json:"url"`

GithubUser that generated a Shippable CI event.

type IRCNotification

type IRCNotification struct {
	Channels             []interface{} `json:"channels"`
	NotifyOnPullRequests bool          `json:"notifyOnPullRequests"`

IRCNotification is used to report the outcome of a build on IRC.

type Identity

type Identity struct {
	AvatarID                  *string   `json:"avatarId"`
	AvatarURL                 *string   `json:"avatarUrl"`
	DisplayName               *string   `json:"displayName"`
	Email                     *string   `json:"email"`
	Emails                    *[]Email  `json:"emails"`
	EnforceScopes             *[]string `json:"enforceScopes"`
	ID                        *string   `json:"id"`
	MigratedProviderID        bool      `json:"migratedProviderId"`
	Provider                  *string   `json:"provider"`
	ProviderBlog              *string   `json:"providerBlog"`
	ProviderCompany           *string   `json:"providerCompany"`
	ProviderFollowerCount     int       `json:"providerFollowerCount"`
	ProviderID                *string   `json:"providerId"`
	ProviderLocation          *string   `json:"providerLocation"`
	ProviderOwnedPrivateRepos int       `json:"providerOwnedPrivateRepos"`
	ProviderPrivateGists      int       `json:"providerPrivateGists"`
	ProviderPublicGistCount   int       `json:"providerPublicGistCount"`
	ProviderPublicRepoCount   int       `json:"providerPublicRepoCount"`
	ProviderTotalPrivateRepos int       `json:"providerTotalPrivateRepos"`
	ProviderType              *string   `json:"providerType"`
	Scopes                    *[]string `json:"scopes"`
	Username                  *string   `json:"userName"`

Identity of a Shippable API user with Providers like Github, BitBucket etc.

type MatrixResult

type MatrixResult struct {
	Name  *string `json:"name"`
	Value *string `json:"value"`
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

MatrixResult represents the build results of the Build Matrix.

type Notifications

type Notifications struct {
	IRC IRCNotification `json:"irc"`

Notifications are used to pingback external services about the outcome of a build.

type Person

type Person struct {
	AvatarURL   *string `json:"avatarUrl"`
	DisplayName *string `json:"displayName"`
	Email       *string `json:"email"`
	Login       *string `json:"login"`

Person holds info of a Shippable API user and/or Project contributor.

type Project

type Project struct {
	AutoBuild                             *bool            `json:"autoBuild"`
	Branches                              *[]string        `json:"branches"`
	CacheTag                              *int             `json:"cacheTag"`
	Created                               *string          `json:"created"`
	DeployKey                             *DeployKey       `json:"deployKey"`
	EnabledDate                           *time.Time       `json:"enabledDate"`
	FullName                              *string          `json:"fullName"`
	ID                                    *string          `json:"id"`
	IsEnabled                             *bool            `json:"isEnabled"`
	IsFork                                *bool            `json:"isFork"`
	IsPrivateRepository                   *bool            `json:"isPrivateRepository"`
	Language                              *string          `json:"language"`
	Name                                  *string          `json:"name"`
	OwnerTokenPresent                     *bool            `json:"ownerTokenPresent"`
	ProjectAuthorizationLastSyncEndDate   *string          `json:"projectAuthorizationLastSyncEndDate"`
	ProjectAuthorizationLastSyncStartDate *string          `json:"projectAuthorizationLastSyncStartDate"`
	RepositoryProvider                    *string          `json:"repositoryProvider"`
	RepositorySSHURL                      *string          `json:"repositorySshUrl"`
	RepositoryURL                         *string          `json:"repositoryUrl"`
	Settings                              *ProjectSettings `json:"settings"`
	SourceCreated                         *time.Time       `json:"sourceCreated"`
	SourceDefaultBranch                   *string          `json:"sourceDefaultBranch"`
	SourceDescription                     *string          `json:"sourceDescription"`
	SourceForksCount                      *int             `json:"sourceForksCount"`
	SourceID                              *string          `json:"sourceId"`
	SourcePushed                          *string          `json:"sourcePushed"`
	SourceRepoOwner                       *GithubUser      `json:"sourceRepoOwner"`
	SourceSize                            *int             `json:"sourceSize"`
	SourceStargazersCount                 *int             `json:"sourceStargazersCount"`
	SourceUpdated                         *string          `json:"sourceUpdated"`
	SourceWatchersCount                   *int             `json:"sourceWatchersCount"`
	SubscriptionID                        *string          `json:"subscriptionId"`
	UpdatedDate                           *time.Time       `json:"updatedDate"`

Project used on Shippable API.

type ProjectInput

type ProjectInput struct {
	ProjectID *string

ProjectInput is passwd to WorkflowService to perform operations like enabling/disabling automatic Builds

type ProjectService

type ProjectService struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ProjectService interacts with the /projects endpoint of Shippable API.

func (*ProjectService) GetProject

func (p *ProjectService) GetProject(id string) (project *Project, resp *Response, err error)

GetProject returns a more in-depth information about a specific

func (*ProjectService) GetProjects

func (p *ProjectService) GetProjects() (projects *[]Project, resp *Response, err error)

GetProjects returns a list of projects, and some info about them

func (*ProjectService) GetQueuedBuilds

func (p *ProjectService) GetQueuedBuilds(projectID string) (builds *[]Build, resp *Response, err error)

GetQueuedBuilds returns a list of a project's currently queued builds

func (*ProjectService) GetQueuedBuildsLimit

func (p *ProjectService) GetQueuedBuildsLimit(projectID string, limit int) (builds *[]Build, resp *Response, err error)

GetQueuedBuildsLimit returns a list of a project's currently queued builds up to a limit

func (*ProjectService) GetRecentBuilds

func (p *ProjectService) GetRecentBuilds(projectID string) (builds *[]Build, resp *Response, err error)

GetRecentBuilds returns a list of a project's currently recent builds

func (*ProjectService) GetRecentBuildsLimit

func (p *ProjectService) GetRecentBuildsLimit(projectID string, limit int) (builds *[]Build, resp *Response, err error)

GetRecentBuildsLimit returns a list of a project's currently recent builds up to a limit

func (*ProjectService) GetRunningBuilds

func (p *ProjectService) GetRunningBuilds(projectID string) (builds *[]Build, resp *Response, err error)

GetRunningBuilds returns a list of a project's currently running builds

func (*ProjectService) GetRunningBuildsLimit

func (p *ProjectService) GetRunningBuildsLimit(projectID string, limit int) (builds *[]Build, resp *Response, err error)

GetRunningBuildsLimit returns a list of a project's currently running builds up to a limit

type ProjectSettings

type ProjectSettings struct {
	EnvironmentVariables *[]string `json:"environmentVariables"`
	ImageOptions         *imageOptions

ProjectSettings are the settings for a Project's Build.

type Report

type Report struct {
	Status *int    `json:"status"`
	Time   *string `json:"time"`

Report holds the datetime and status of a BuildStep.

type Response

type Response struct {

Response is a Shippable API response. This wraps the standard http.Response returned from Shippable.

type TriggerBuildInput

type TriggerBuildInput struct {
	ProjectID *string
	Branch    *string

TriggerBuildInput is passed to WorkflowService in order to trigger a build for a project. Omit branch to build the project's default branch.

type TriggerBuildOutput

type TriggerBuildOutput struct {
	BuildID *string

TriggerBuildOutput is returned after successfully triggered a build via Shippable API.

type WorkflowService

type WorkflowService struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

WorkflowService interacts with the /workflow endpoint of Shippable API.

func (*WorkflowService) DisableBuild

func (w *WorkflowService) DisableBuild(p *ProjectInput) (ok bool, resp *Response, err error)

DisableBuild disables builds for a given project. This will delete project's history and its associated builds from Shippable.

func (*WorkflowService) EnableBuild

func (w *WorkflowService) EnableBuild(p *ProjectInput) (project *Project, resp *Response, err error)

EnableBuild enable automatic builds for a given project.

func (*WorkflowService) TriggerBuild

func (w *WorkflowService) TriggerBuild(t *TriggerBuildInput) (build *TriggerBuildOutput, resp *Response, err error)

TriggerBuild triggers a build from a given project and branch. If no branch is specified the default branch configured for the project in Github or Bitbucket will be built.

func (*WorkflowService) ValidateDockerHubCredentials

func (w *WorkflowService) ValidateDockerHubCredentials(c *DockerHubCredentials) (ok bool, resp *Response, err error)

ValidateDockerHubCredentials verifies a DockerHub account for the authenticated Shippable API user.

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