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page_title: Docker Swarm API page_description: Swarm API page_keywords: docker, swarm, clustering, api

Docker Swarm API

The Docker Swarm API is mostly compatible with the Docker Remote API. This document is an overview of the differences between the Swarm API and the Docker Remote API.

Missing endpoints

Some endpoints have not yet been implemented and will return a 404 error.

POST "/images/create" : "docker import" flow not implement

Endpoints which behave differently

  • GET "/containers/{name:.*}/json": New field Node added:
"Node": {
	"Ip": "",
	"Addr": "",
	"Name": "vagrant-ubuntu-saucy-64",
  • GET "/containers/{name:.*}/json": HostIP replaced by the the actual Node's IP if HostIP is

  • GET "/containers/json": Node's name prepended to the container name.

  • GET "/containers/json": HostIP replaced by the the actual Node's IP if HostIP is

  • GET "/containers/json" : Containers started from the swarm official image are hidden by default, use all=1 to display them.

  • GET "/images/json" : Use '--filter node=<Node name>' to show images of the specific node.

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const APIVERSION = "1.16"

The Client API version

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const DefaultDockerPort = ":2375"

The default port to listen on for incoming connections


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func ListenAndServe

func ListenAndServe(c cluster.Cluster, hosts []string, enableCors bool, tlsConfig *tls.Config) error

ListenAndServe starts an HTTP server on each host to listen on its TCP or Unix network address and calls Serve on each host's server to handle requests on incoming connections.

The expected format for a host string is [protocol://]address. The protocol must be either "tcp" or "unix", with "tcp" used by default if not specified.


type ContainerSorter

type ContainerSorter []*cluster.Container

ContainerSorter implements the Sort interface to sort Docker containers. It is not guaranteed to be a stable sort.

func (ContainerSorter) Len

func (s ContainerSorter) Len() int

Len returns the number of containers to be sorted.

func (ContainerSorter) Less

func (s ContainerSorter) Less(i, j int) bool

Less reports whether the container with index i should sort before the container with index j. Containers are sorted chronologically by when they were created.

func (ContainerSorter) Swap

func (s ContainerSorter) Swap(i, j int)

Swap exchanges the container elements with indices i and j.

type WriteFlusher

type WriteFlusher struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

A WriteFlusher provides synchronized write access to the writer's underlying data stream and ensures that each write is flushed immediately.

func NewWriteFlusher

func NewWriteFlusher(w io.Writer) *WriteFlusher

NewWriteFlusher creates a new WriteFlusher for the writer.

func (*WriteFlusher) Flush

func (wf *WriteFlusher) Flush()

Flush flushes the stream immediately.

func (*WriteFlusher) Write

func (wf *WriteFlusher) Write(b []byte) (n int, err error)

Write writes the bytes to a stream and flushes the stream.

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