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Package display is a driver for Grove LCD RGB backlight display.

More information about the display is at http://wiki.seeed.cc/Grove-LCD_RGB_Backlight/. This package is ported from a reference Python package, see https://goo.gl/VI59c8.



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type Device

type Device struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Device represents an Grove LCD RGB Backlight device.

func Open

func Open(o driver.Opener) (*Device, error)

Open opens a connection the the RGB backlight display. Once display is no longer in-use, it should be closed by Close.

func (*Device) Clear

func (d *Device) Clear() error

Clear clears the screen.

func (*Device) Close

func (d *Device) Close() error

Close closes connection to the device.

func (*Device) SetRGB

func (d *Device) SetRGB(r, g, b int) error

SetRGB sets the backlight to the given color.

func (*Device) SetText

func (d *Device) SetText(text string) error

SetText clears the screen and prints the given text on the display.

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