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var TCPStatuses = map[string]string{
	"02": "SYN_SENT",
	"03": "SYN_RECV",
	"04": "FIN_WAIT1",
	"05": "FIN_WAIT2",
	"06": "TIME_WAIT",
	"07": "CLOSE",
	"08": "CLOSE_WAIT",
	"09": "LAST_ACK",
	"0A": "LISTEN",
	"0B": "CLOSING",


func Pids

func Pids() ([]int32, error)

Pids retunres all pids. Note: this is a copy of process_linux.Pids() FIXME: Import process occures import cycle. move to common made other platform breaking. Need consider.

func Reverse

func Reverse(s []byte) []byte

Reverse reverses array of bytes.


type Addr

type Addr struct {
	IP   string `json:"ip"`
	Port uint32 `json:"port"`

Addr is implemented compatibility to psutil

func (Addr) String

func (a Addr) String() string

type ConnectionStat

type ConnectionStat struct {
	Fd     uint32 `json:"fd"`
	Family uint32 `json:"family"`
	Type   uint32 `json:"type"`
	Laddr  Addr   `json:"localaddr"`
	Raddr  Addr   `json:"remoteaddr"`
	Status string `json:"status"`
	Pid    int32  `json:"pid"`

func Connections

func Connections(kind string) ([]ConnectionStat, error)

Return a list of network connections opened.

func ConnectionsPid

func ConnectionsPid(kind string, pid int32) ([]ConnectionStat, error)

Return a list of network connections opened by a process.

func (ConnectionStat) String

func (n ConnectionStat) String() string

type FilterStat

type FilterStat struct {
	ConnTrackCount int64 `json:"conntrackCount"`
	ConnTrackMax   int64 `json:"conntrackMax"`

func FilterCounters

func FilterCounters() ([]FilterStat, error)

NetFilterCounters returns iptables conntrack statistics the currently in use conntrack count and the max. If the file does not exist or is invalid it will return nil.

type IOCountersStat

type IOCountersStat struct {
	Name        string `json:"name"`        // interface name
	BytesSent   uint64 `json:"bytesSent"`   // number of bytes sent
	BytesRecv   uint64 `json:"bytesRecv"`   // number of bytes received
	PacketsSent uint64 `json:"packetsSent"` // number of packets sent
	PacketsRecv uint64 `json:"packetsRecv"` // number of packets received
	Errin       uint64 `json:"errin"`       // total number of errors while receiving
	Errout      uint64 `json:"errout"`      // total number of errors while sending
	Dropin      uint64 `json:"dropin"`      // total number of incoming packets which were dropped
	Dropout     uint64 `json:"dropout"`     // total number of outgoing packets which were dropped (always 0 on OSX and BSD)

func IOCounters

func IOCounters(pernic bool) ([]IOCountersStat, error)

NetIOCounters returnes network I/O statistics for every network interface installed on the system. If pernic argument is false, return only sum of all information (which name is 'all'). If true, every network interface installed on the system is returned separately.

func IOCountersByFile

func IOCountersByFile(pernic bool, filename string) ([]IOCountersStat, error)

func (IOCountersStat) String

func (n IOCountersStat) String() string

type InterfaceAddr

type InterfaceAddr struct {
	Addr string `json:"addr"`

NetInterfaceAddr is designed for represent interface addresses

func (InterfaceAddr) String

func (n InterfaceAddr) String() string

type InterfaceStat

type InterfaceStat struct {
	MTU          int             `json:"mtu"`          // maximum transmission unit
	Name         string          `json:"name"`         // e.g., "en0", "lo0", "eth0.100"
	HardwareAddr string          `json:"hardwareaddr"` // IEEE MAC-48, EUI-48 and EUI-64 form
	Flags        []string        `json:"flags"`        // e.g., FlagUp, FlagLoopback, FlagMulticast
	Addrs        []InterfaceAddr `json:"addrs"`

func Interfaces

func Interfaces() ([]InterfaceStat, error)

func (InterfaceStat) String

func (n InterfaceStat) String() string

type ProtoCountersStat

type ProtoCountersStat struct {
	Protocol string           `json:"protocol"`
	Stats    map[string]int64 `json:"stats"`

System wide stats about different network protocols

func ProtoCounters

func ProtoCounters(protocols []string) ([]ProtoCountersStat, error)

NetProtoCounters returns network statistics for the entire system If protocols is empty then all protocols are returned, otherwise just the protocols in the list are returned. Available protocols:


func (ProtoCountersStat) String

func (n ProtoCountersStat) String() string

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