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var (
	DefaultMongoDBHost            = "localhost"
	DefaultMongoDBPort            = "27017"
	DefaultMongoDBAuthDB          = "admin"
	DefaultMongoDBTimeout         = "5s"
	DefaultMongoDBTimeoutDuration = time.Duration(5) * time.Second
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var (
	ErrMsgAuthFailedStr string = "server returned error on SASL authentication step: Authentication failed."
	ErrSessionTimeout          = errors.New("timed out waiting for mongodb connection")
	ErrPrimaryTimeout          = errors.New("timed out waiting for host to become primary")


func GetSession

func GetSession(cnf *Config) (*mgo.Session, error)

func LastSSLError

func LastSSLError() error

LastSSLError returns the last error related to the DB connection SSL handshake

func WaitForPrimary

func WaitForPrimary(session *mgo.Session, maxRetries uint, sleepDuration time.Duration) error

func WaitForSession

func WaitForSession(cnf *Config, maxRetries uint, sleepDuration time.Duration) (*mgo.Session, error)


type Config

type Config struct {
	DialInfo *mgo.DialInfo
	SSL      *SSLConfig

func NewConfig

func NewConfig(app *kingpin.Application, envUser string, envPassword string) (*Config, error)

func (*Config) Uri

func (cnf *Config) Uri() string

type SSLConfig

type SSLConfig struct {
	Enabled    bool
	PEMKeyFile string
	CAFile     string
	Insecure   bool

func NewSSLConfig

func NewSSLConfig(app *kingpin.Application) *SSLConfig

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