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type Config

type Config struct {
	Token   string
	Verbose bool

	Client *objectapi.Client

Config for the root command, including flags and types that should be available to each subcommand.

func New

func New() (*ffcli.Command, *Config)

New constructs a usable ffcli.Command and an empty Config. The config's token and verbose fields will be set after a successful parse. The caller must initialize the config's object API client field.

func (*Config) Exec

func (c *Config) Exec(context.Context, []string) error

Exec function for this command.

func (*Config) RegisterFlags

func (c *Config) RegisterFlags(fs *flag.FlagSet)

RegisterFlags registers the flag fields into the provided flag.FlagSet. This helper function allows subcommands to register the root flags into their flagsets, creating "global" flags that can be passed after any subcommand at the commandline.

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