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type Document

type Document struct {

func (Document) SetTitle

func (z Document) SetTitle(title string)

func (Document) Title

func (z Document) Title() string

type Event

type Event struct{ *js.Object }

func (Event) JS

func (e Event) JS() *js.Object

func (Event) PreventDefault

func (e Event) PreventDefault()

func (Event) StopPropagation

func (e Event) StopPropagation()

type FormEl

type FormEl struct{ Node }

func (FormEl) IsValid

func (e FormEl) IsValid() bool

type InputEl

type InputEl struct{ Node }

func (InputEl) Checked

func (e InputEl) Checked() bool

func (InputEl) JS

func (e InputEl) JS() *js.Object

func (InputEl) SetChecked

func (e InputEl) SetChecked(checked bool)

func (InputEl) SetValue

func (e InputEl) SetValue(value string)

func (InputEl) Value

func (e InputEl) Value() string

type Node

type Node struct {

func (Node) Children

func (z Node) Children() []dom.Node

func (Node) Clear

func (z Node) Clear()

func (Node) Data

func (z Node) Data() string

func (Node) Find

func (z Node) Find(query string) []dom.Node

func (Node) JS

func (z Node) JS() *js.Object

func (Node) RemoveAttr

func (z Node) RemoveAttr(attr string)

func (Node) SetAttr

func (d Node) SetAttr(attr string, value interface{})

func (Node) SetClass

func (z Node) SetClass(class string, val bool)

func (Node) SetProp

func (z Node) SetProp(prop string, value interface{})

func (Node) Type

func (z Node) Type() dom.NodeType

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