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junitreport is a tool that allows for the consumption of test output in order to create jUnit XML.


In order to build and install junitreport, from the root of the OpenShift Origin repository, run hack/build-go.sh tools/junitreport.


junitreport can read the output of different types of tests. Specify which output is being read with --type=<type>. Supported test output types currently include 'gotest', for go test output, and 'oscmd', for os::cmd output. The default test type is 'gotest'.

junitreport can output flat or nested test suites. To choose which type of output to use, set --suites=<type> to either 'flat' or 'nested'. The default suite output structure is 'flat'. When creating nested test suites, junitreport will use / as the delimeter between suite names: github.com/maintainer/repository/suite will be parsed as a hierarchy of github.com, github.com/maintainer, etc. If you are requesting nested test suite output but do not want the root suite(s) to be as general as github.com, for example, set --roots=<root suite names> to be a comma-delimited list of the names of the suites you wish to use as roots. If the parser encounters a package outside of those roots, it will ignore it. This allows a user to provide a root suite and only collect data for children of that root from a larger data set.

Ensure that the output you are feeding junitreport is free of extraneous text - any lines that are not test/suite declarations, metadata, or results are interpreted as test output. Text that you do not expect to see in Jenkins, for example, while looking at the output of a failed test should not be included in the input to junitreport.

Currently, junitreport does not support the parsing of parallel test output.


To parse the output of go test into a flat collection of test suites:

$ go test -v -cover ./... | junitreport > report.xml

To parse the output of go test into a nested collection of test suites rooted at github.com/maintainer:

$ go test -v -cover ./... | junitreport --suites=nested --roots=github.com/maintainer > report.xml

junitreport has unit tests as well as integration tests. To run the unit tests from the junitreport root directory:

$ go test -v -cover ./...

To run the integration tests from the junitreport root directory:

$ test/integration.sh


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