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const (
	// The chaos just started
	EventChaosInjected string = "ChaosInjected"

	// The chaos just failed when injecting. The message should include detailed error
	EventChaosInjectFailed string = "ChaosInjectFailed"

	// The chaos just failed when recovering. The message should include detailed error
	EventChaosRecoverFailed string = "ChaosRecoverFailed"

	// The chaos just completed
	EventChaosRecovered string = "ChaosRecovered"

    For each chaos resource, the controller manager will record events once the chaos is started or completed or failed. The starting and completing events should be of type "Normal". And the failed events should be of type "Warning". The reasons are defined as following.

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    const (
    	// AnnotationPrefix defines the prefix of annotation key for chaos-mesh.
    	AnnotationPrefix = "chaos-mesh"
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    const DefaultRPCTimeout = 60 * time.Second

      DefaultRPCTimeout specifies default timeout of RPC between controller and chaos-operator


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      var (
      	InitLog            = ctrl.Log.WithName("setup")
      	DashboardNamespace string
      	DataSource         string
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      var RPCTimeout = DefaultRPCTimeout

        RPCTimeout specifies timeout of RPC between controller and chaos-operator


        func CheckPodMeetSelector

        func CheckPodMeetSelector(pod v1.Pod, selector v1alpha1.SelectorSpec) (bool, error)

          CheckPodMeetSelector checks if this pod meets the selection criteria. TODO: support to check fieldsSelector

          func Coalescer

          func Coalescer(interval time.Duration, input chan interface{}, stopCh <-chan struct{}) <-chan interface{}

            Coalescer takes an input channel, and coalesced inputs with a timebound of interval. If input channel is closed, coalescer will signal one last time if we have any pending unsignalled events and close the output channel.

            func CreateGrpcConnection

            func CreateGrpcConnection(ctx context.Context, c client.Client, pod *v1.Pod, port string) (*grpc.ClientConn, error)

              CreateGrpcConnection create a grpc connection with given port

              func EncodeClkIds

              func EncodeClkIds(clkIds []string) (uint64, error)

                EncodeClkIds will convert array of clk ids into a mask

                func GenAnnotationKeyForImage

                func GenAnnotationKeyForImage(pc *v1alpha1.PodChaos, containerName string) string

                func GenAnnotationKeyForWebhook

                func GenAnnotationKeyForWebhook(prefix string, podName string) string

                func IgnoreNotFound

                func IgnoreNotFound(err error) error

                func InsertFinalizer

                func InsertFinalizer(finalizers []string, finalizer string) []string

                func IsCaredNetError

                func IsCaredNetError(err error) bool

                func MergeCommands

                func MergeCommands(inject []string, origin []string, args []string) []string

                  MergeCommands merges injected commands and original commands for injecting commands to containers, eg: inject: []string{"bash", "-c", "/"}, origin: []string{"bash", "-c", "/"} merged commands: []string{"/bin/sh", "-ec", "/\n/"}

                  func MergeNetem

                  func MergeNetem(a, b *chaosdaemon.Netem) *chaosdaemon.Netem

                    MergeNetem merges two Netem protos into a new one. REMEMBER to assign the return value, i.e. merged = utils.MergeNetm(merged, em) For each field it takes the bigger value of the two. Its main use case is merging netem of different types, e.g. delay and loss. It returns nil if both inputs are nil. Otherwise it returns a new Netem with merged values.

                    func NextTime

                    func NextTime(spec v1alpha1.SchedulerSpec, now time.Time) (*time.Time, error)

                    func RandomFixedIndexes

                    func RandomFixedIndexes(start, end, count uint) []uint

                      RandomFixedIndexes returns the `count` random indexes between `start` and `end`. [start, end)

                      func RemoveFromFinalizer

                      func RemoveFromFinalizer(finalizers []string, key string) []string

                      func SelectAndFilterPods

                      func SelectAndFilterPods(ctx context.Context, c client.Client, spec SelectSpec) ([]v1.Pod, error)

                        SelectAndFilterPods returns the list of pods that filtered by selector and PodMode

                        func SetIoInjection

                        func SetIoInjection(ctx context.Context, c client.Client, pod *v1.Pod, ioChaos *v1alpha1.IoChaos) error

                        func TimeoutClientInterceptor

                        func TimeoutClientInterceptor(ctx context.Context, method string, req, reply interface{},
                        	cc *grpc.ClientConn, invoker grpc.UnaryInvoker, opts ...grpc.CallOption) error

                          TimeoutClientInterceptor wraps the RPC with a timeout.

                          func TimeoutServerInterceptor

                          func TimeoutServerInterceptor(ctx context.Context, req interface{}, info *grpc.UnaryServerInfo,
                          	handler grpc.UnaryHandler) (interface{}, error)

                            TimeoutServerInterceptor ensures the context is intact before handling over the request to application.

                            func UnsetIoInjection

                            func UnsetIoInjection(ctx context.Context, c client.Client, pod *v1.Pod, iochaos *v1alpha1.IoChaos) error


                            type ChaosDaemonClientInterface

                            type ChaosDaemonClientInterface interface {
                            	Close() error

                              ChaosDaemonClientInterface represents the ChaosDaemonClient, it's used to simply unit test

                              func NewChaosDaemonClient

                              func NewChaosDaemonClient(ctx context.Context, c client.Client, pod *v1.Pod, port string) (ChaosDaemonClientInterface, error)

                                NewChaosDaemonClient would create ChaosDaemonClient

                                type Edge

                                type Edge struct {
                                	Source uint32
                                	Target uint32
                                	Next   *Edge

                                  Edge represents an edge in graph

                                  type Graph

                                  type Graph struct {
                                  	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                                    Graph represents a graph with link list

                                    func NewGraph

                                    func NewGraph() *Graph

                                      NewGraph creates a Graph

                                      func (*Graph) Flatten

                                      func (g *Graph) Flatten(source uint32) []uint32

                                        Flatten flattens the subtree from source (without checking whether it's a tree)

                                        func (*Graph) Insert

                                        func (g *Graph) Insert(source uint32, target uint32)

                                          Insert inserts an Edge into a graph from source to target

                                          func (*Graph) IterFrom

                                          func (g *Graph) IterFrom(source uint32) *Edge

                                            IterFrom starts iterating from source node

                                            type GrpcChaosDaemonClient

                                            type GrpcChaosDaemonClient struct {
                                            	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                                              GrpcChaosDaemonClient would act like chaosdaemon.ChaosDaemonClient with a Close method

                                              func (*GrpcChaosDaemonClient) Close

                                              func (c *GrpcChaosDaemonClient) Close() error

                                              type SelectSpec

                                              type SelectSpec interface {
                                              	GetSelector() v1alpha1.SelectorSpec
                                              	GetMode() v1alpha1.PodMode
                                              	GetValue() string