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var (
	// ErrMissingName ..
	ErrMissingName = fmt.Errorf(`name field is required for an injection config`)


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type Config

type Config struct {
	AnnotationNamespace string                      `yaml:"annotationNamespace"`
	Injections          map[string]*InjectionConfig `yaml:"injections"`

    Config is a struct indicating how a given injection should be configured

    func LoadConfigDirectory

    func LoadConfigDirectory(path string) (*Config, error)

      LoadConfigDirectory loads all configs in a directory and returns the Config

      func (*Config) GetRequestedConfig

      func (c *Config) GetRequestedConfig(key string) (*InjectionConfig, error)

        GetRequestedConfig returns the InjectionConfig given a requested key

        func (*Config) ReplaceInjectionConfigs

        func (c *Config) ReplaceInjectionConfigs(replacementConfigs []*InjectionConfig)

          ReplaceInjectionConfigs will take a list of new InjectionConfigs, and replace the current configuration with them. this blocks waiting on being able to update the configs in place.

          func (*Config) RequestAnnotationKey

          func (c *Config) RequestAnnotationKey() string

          func (*Config) RequestInitAnnotationKey

          func (c *Config) RequestInitAnnotationKey() string

          func (*Config) StatusAnnotationKey

          func (c *Config) StatusAnnotationKey() string

          type ExecAction

          type ExecAction struct {
          	// Command is the command line to execute inside the container, the working directory for the
          	// command  is root ('/') in the container's filesystem. The command is simply exec'd, it is
          	// not run inside a shell, so traditional shell instructions ('|', etc) won't work. To use
          	// a shell, you need to explicitly call out to that shell.
          	// Exit status of 0 is treated as live/healthy and non-zero is unhealthy.
          	// +optional
          	Command []string `json:"command,omitempty"`

            ExecAction describes a "run in container" action.

            type InjectionConfig

            type InjectionConfig struct {
            	Name                  string               `json:"name"`
            	Containers            []corev1.Container   `json:"containers"`
            	Volumes               []corev1.Volume      `json:"volumes"`
            	Environment           []corev1.EnvVar      `json:"env"`
            	VolumeMounts          []corev1.VolumeMount `json:"volumeMounts"`
            	HostAliases           []corev1.HostAlias   `json:"hostAliases"`
            	InitContainers        []corev1.Container   `json:"initContainers"`
            	ShareProcessNamespace bool                 `json:"shareProcessNamespace"`
            	// PostStart is called after a container is created first.
            	// If the handler fails, the containers will failed.
            	// Key defines for the name of deployment container.
            	// Value defines for the Commands for stating container.
            	// +optional
            	PostStart map[string]ExecAction `json:"postStart,omitempty"`
            	// Selector is used to select pods that are used to inject sidecar.
            	Selector *v1alpha1.SelectorSpec `json:"selector,omitempty"`
            	// contains filtered or unexported fields

              InjectionConfig is a specific instance of a injected config, for a given annotation

              func LoadInjectionConfig

              func LoadInjectionConfig(reader io.Reader) (*InjectionConfig, error)

                LoadInjectionConfig takes an io.Reader and parses out an injectionconfig

                func LoadInjectionConfigFromFilePath

                func LoadInjectionConfigFromFilePath(configFile string) (*InjectionConfig, error)

                  LoadInjectionConfigFromFilePath returns a InjectionConfig given a yaml file on disk

                  func (*InjectionConfig) FullName

                  func (c *InjectionConfig) FullName() string

                    FullName returns the full identifier of this sidecar - both the Name, and the Version(), formatted like "${.Name}:${.Version}"

                    func (*InjectionConfig) Version

                    func (c *InjectionConfig) Version() string

                      Version returns the parsed version of this injection config. If no version is specified, "latest" is returned. The version is extracted from the request annotation, i.e. my-sidecar:1.2, where "1.2" is the version.

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