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const (
	// WarnLevelWarning represents level "Warning" for 'SHOW WARNINGS' syntax.
	WarnLevelWarning = "Warning"
	// WarnLevelNote represents level "Note" for 'SHOW WARNINGS' syntax.
	WarnLevelNote = "Note"


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type SQLWarn

type SQLWarn struct {
	Level string
	Err   error

SQLWarn relates a sql warning and it's level.

type StatementContext

type StatementContext struct {
	InInsertStmt           bool
	InUpdateOrDeleteStmt   bool
	InSelectStmt           bool
	IgnoreTruncate         bool
	IgnoreZeroInDate       bool
	DividedByZeroAsWarning bool
	TruncateAsWarning      bool
	OverflowAsWarning      bool
	InShowWarning          bool
	UseCache               bool
	PadCharToFullLength    bool
	BatchCheck             bool

	// Copied from SessionVars.TimeZone.
	TimeZone     *time.Location
	Priority     mysql.PriorityEnum
	NotFillCache bool
	MemTracker   *memory.Tracker
	TableIDs     []int64
	IndexIDs     []int64
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

StatementContext contains variables for a statement. It should be reset before executing a statement.

func (*StatementContext) AddAffectedRows

func (sc *StatementContext) AddAffectedRows(rows uint64)

AddAffectedRows adds affected rows.

func (*StatementContext) AddFoundRows

func (sc *StatementContext) AddFoundRows(rows uint64)

AddFoundRows adds found rows.

func (*StatementContext) AffectedRows

func (sc *StatementContext) AffectedRows() uint64

AffectedRows gets affected rows.

func (*StatementContext) AppendNote

func (sc *StatementContext) AppendNote(warn error)

AppendNote appends a warning with level 'Note'.

func (*StatementContext) AppendWarning

func (sc *StatementContext) AppendWarning(warn error)

AppendWarning appends a warning with level 'Warning'.

func (*StatementContext) FoundRows

func (sc *StatementContext) FoundRows() uint64

FoundRows gets found rows.

func (*StatementContext) GetExecDetails

func (sc *StatementContext) GetExecDetails() execdetails.ExecDetails

GetExecDetails gets the execution details for the statement.

func (*StatementContext) GetWarnings

func (sc *StatementContext) GetWarnings() []SQLWarn

GetWarnings gets warnings.

func (*StatementContext) HandleOverflow

func (sc *StatementContext) HandleOverflow(err error, warnErr error) error

HandleOverflow treats ErrOverflow as warnings or returns the error based on the StmtCtx.OverflowAsWarning state.

func (*StatementContext) HandleTruncate

func (sc *StatementContext) HandleTruncate(err error) error

HandleTruncate ignores or returns the error based on the StatementContext state.

func (*StatementContext) HistogramsNotLoad

func (sc *StatementContext) HistogramsNotLoad() bool

HistogramsNotLoad gets histogramsNotLoad.

func (*StatementContext) MergeExecDetails

func (sc *StatementContext) MergeExecDetails(details *execdetails.ExecDetails)

MergeExecDetails merges a single region execution details into self, used to print the information in slow query log.

func (*StatementContext) ResetForRetry

func (sc *StatementContext) ResetForRetry()

ResetForRetry resets the changed states during execution.

func (*StatementContext) SetHistogramsNotLoad

func (sc *StatementContext) SetHistogramsNotLoad()

SetHistogramsNotLoad sets histogramsNotLoad.

func (*StatementContext) SetWarnings

func (sc *StatementContext) SetWarnings(warns []SQLWarn)

SetWarnings sets warnings.

func (*StatementContext) WarningCount

func (sc *StatementContext) WarningCount() uint16

WarningCount gets warning count.

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