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data-channels is a Pion WebRTC application that shows how you can send/recv DataChannel messages from a web browser


Download data-channels
export GO111MODULE=on
go get
Open data-channels example page

Run data-channels, with your browsers SessionDescription as stdin

In the jsfiddle the top textarea is your browser's session description, copy that and:


Run echo $BROWSER_SDP | data-channels

  1. Paste the SessionDescription into a file.
  2. Run data-channels < my_file
Input data-channels's SessionDescription into your browser

Copy the text that data-channels just emitted and copy into second text area

Hit 'Start Session' in jsfiddle

Under Start Session you should see 'Checking' as it starts connecting. If everything worked you should see New DataChannel foo 1

Now you can put whatever you want in the Message textarea, and when you hit Send Message it should appear in your terminal!

Pion WebRTC will send random messages every 5 seconds that will appear in your browser.

Congrats, you have used Pion WebRTC! Now start building something cool


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