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Published: Nov 18, 2019 License: Apache-2.0


edgr | Makes SEC filings not terrible

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This project consists of:

  • edgr - a cli tool that can populate a postgres db with SEC filings for use in data analysis projects
  • github.com/edgr/core a go module that requests SEC filers/filings and can be used in other go projects

edgr CLI

The edgr tool makes jumpstarting your data analysis projects that much easier by abstacting away a lot of annoying SEC EDGAR data gathering and parsing. edgr can download, parse full text, and persist large quantities of SEC filings in a pre-configured postgres db.


edgr supports macOS, linux, and windows systems.


The preferred way to install, run the following commands in the terminal after installing homebrew

brew tap piquette/edgr
brew install edgr
Download the binary

Distributions for your specific OS can be found on the releases page for this repo.

Build from source

Clone this repository and run make build


edgr is a standard cli executable. A running/reachable postgres instance is required for proper usage. You can easily run one locally through docker.

docker run -p 5432:5432 -d postgres:9.6

The default parameters for edgr commands will be able to access this instance immediately. Next, we need to set up the proper db tables to store data. In the terminal, run

edgr init

Finally, we need to insert some desired filers into the db so we can pull some filings.

# add the filer.
edgr filers init --symbol AAPL
# download 8-K filings for apple inc.
edgr get --symbol AAPL --form 8-K

Now you can access the raw text and meta-data associated with those filings in the database as you normally would, through other analytical tools or a command-line pg client. Run edgr help for more information regarding commands.

github.com/edgr/core module


Supports Go v1.13+ and modules. Run the usual

go get -u github.com/piquette/edgr

There are 3 easy functions

// GetPublicCompanies returns a list of public companies.
func GetPublicCompanies() ([]Company, error) {...}

// GetFiler gets a single filer from the SEC website based on symbol.
func GetFiler(symbol string) (filer *model.Filer, err error) {...}

// GetFilings gets a list of filings for a single CIK.
func GetFilings(cik, formtype, stoptime string) (filings []SECFiling, err error) {...}


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