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Batch Processor

Supported pipeline types: metric, traces, logs

The batch processor accepts spans, metrics, or logs and places them into batches. Batching helps better compress the data and reduce the number of outgoing connections required to transmit the data. This processor supports both size and time based batching.

It is highly recommended to configure the batch processor on every collector. The batch processor should be defined in the pipeline after the memory_limiter as well as any sampling processors. This is because batching should happen after any data drops such as sampling.

Please refer to config.go for the config spec.

The following configuration options can be modified:

  • send_batch_size (default = 8192): Number of spans or metrics after which a batch will be sent.
  • timeout (default = 200ms): Time duration after which a batch will be sent regardless of size.
  • send_batch_max_size (default = 0): The maximum number of items in a batch. This property ensures that larger batches are split into smaller units. By default (0), there is no upper limit of the batch size. It is currently supported only for the trace pipeline.


    send_batch_size: 10000
    timeout: 10s

Refer to config.yaml for detailed examples on using the processor.




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func MetricViews

func MetricViews() []*view.View

MetricViews returns the metrics views related to batching

func NewFactory

func NewFactory() component.ProcessorFactory

NewFactory returns a new factory for the Batch processor.


type Config

type Config struct {
	configmodels.ProcessorSettings `mapstructure:",squash"`

	// Timeout sets the time after which a batch will be sent regardless of size.
	Timeout time.Duration `mapstructure:"timeout,omitempty"`

	// SendBatchSize is the size of a batch which after hit, will trigger it to be sent.
	SendBatchSize uint32 `mapstructure:"send_batch_size,omitempty"`

	// SendBatchMaxSize is the maximum size of a batch. Larger batches are split into smaller units.
	// Default value is 0, that means no maximum size.
	SendBatchMaxSize uint32 `mapstructure:"send_batch_max_size,omitempty"`

Config defines configuration for batch processor.

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