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func NewFactory

func NewFactory(
	cfgType configmodels.Type,
	createDefaultConfig CreateDefaultConfig,
	options ...FactoryOption) component.ReceiverFactory

NewFactory returns a component.ReceiverFactory.


type CreateDefaultConfig

type CreateDefaultConfig func() configmodels.Receiver

CreateDefaultConfig is the equivalent of component.ReceiverFactory.CreateDefaultConfig()

type CreateLogsReceiver

CreateLogsReceiver is the equivalent of component.ReceiverFactory.CreateLogsReceiver()

type CreateMetricsReceiver

CreateMetricsReceiver is the equivalent of component.ReceiverFactory.CreateMetricsReceiver()

type CreateTraceReceiver

CreateTraceReceiver is the equivalent of component.ReceiverFactory.CreateTracesReceiver()

type FactoryOption

type FactoryOption func(o *factory)

FactoryOption apply changes to ReceiverOptions.

func WithCustomUnmarshaler

func WithCustomUnmarshaler(customUnmarshaler component.CustomUnmarshaler) FactoryOption

WithCustomUnmarshaler implements component.ConfigUnmarshaler.

func WithLogs

func WithLogs(createLogsReceiver CreateLogsReceiver) FactoryOption

WithLogs overrides the default "error not supported" implementation for CreateLogsReceiver.

func WithMetrics

func WithMetrics(createMetricsReceiver CreateMetricsReceiver) FactoryOption

WithMetrics overrides the default "error not supported" implementation for CreateMetricsReceiver.

func WithTraces

func WithTraces(createTraceReceiver CreateTraceReceiver) FactoryOption

WithTraces overrides the default "error not supported" implementation for CreateTraceReceiver.

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