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Patrick Moroney's résumé


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Patrick Moroney

Senior Go Developer with extensive experience with network, database, and system administration. Specialized knowledge of domain registries and registrars, wireless networks, and laser safety.



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const (
	Name     = "Patrick Moroney"
	Email    = ""
	Phone    = "720.663.0025"
	Location = "Denver, CO or Remote"


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func NameDotCom

func NameDotCom() company, Sr. Software Engineer: 2011 - Present

Designed and implemented many services, including the order processing, domain lifecycle management, and DNS services.


The order processor handles every purchase made at and processed over $32M in transactions in 2016. It integrates with almost every other service and many 3rd party APIs.


The DNS service hosts over 1 million zones. Created a feature to resolve ANAME records into A and AAAA records automatically and keep them updated. Designed a system to monitor propagation of updates and verify consistency.


The domain lifecycle management service handles expiration and deletion of domains. This is a vital service since domains typically automatically renew at the registry which can be costly if not deleted on time. It also handles various reconciliations with the registries to verify accurate inventory.


type LaserInstitute

type LaserInstitute company

Laser Institute of America, IT Manager: 2006 - 2009

Managed employees and contractors to meet the IT needs of a scientific non-profit organization. Developed a custom web-based customer management database to replace their previous database, iMIS. Developed a scientific calculator application that evaluates the hazards presented by lasers, based on the ANSI Z136.1 standard. Created a database and website for management of scientific conferences. Wrote a content management system for the website, allowing the marketing department to edit pages on the fly.

type PureConnection

type PureConnection company

Pure Connection, Network Operations Manager: 2000 - 2004

Designed, built, and maintained a multihomed wireless network to provide Internet service to more than half of Orange County Florida. Wrote a system that implements wireless hot-spots, allowing users to only connect to the Internet after paying a small fee.

type SelfEmployed

type SelfEmployed company

Self Employed, IT Consultant: 2004 - 2013

Clients include Florida Hospital Assoc. and Laser Institute of America

type UniversityOfCentralFlorida

type UniversityOfCentralFlorida school

B.S. Computational Mathematics, University of Central Florida

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