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Package daos handles common PocketBase DB model manipulations.

Think of daos as DB repository and service layer in one.



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const DefaultMaxFailRetries = 5
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const MaxExpandDepth = 6

MaxExpandDepth specifies the max allowed nested expand depth path.


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type Dao

type Dao struct {
	BeforeCreateFunc func(eventDao *Dao, m models.Model) error
	AfterCreateFunc  func(eventDao *Dao, m models.Model)
	BeforeUpdateFunc func(eventDao *Dao, m models.Model) error
	AfterUpdateFunc  func(eventDao *Dao, m models.Model)
	BeforeDeleteFunc func(eventDao *Dao, m models.Model) error
	AfterDeleteFunc  func(eventDao *Dao, m models.Model)
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Dao handles various db operations. Think of Dao as a repository and service layer in one.

func New

func New(db dbx.Builder) *Dao

New creates a new Dao instance with the provided db builder (for both async and sync db operations).

func NewMultiDB added in v0.10.0

func NewMultiDB(concurrentDB, nonconcurrentDB dbx.Builder) *Dao

New creates a new Dao instance with the provided dedicated async and sync db builders.

func (*Dao) AdminQuery

func (dao *Dao) AdminQuery() *dbx.SelectQuery

AdminQuery returns a new Admin select query.

func (*Dao) Block deprecated added in v0.9.1

func (dao *Dao) Block(ctx context.Context) error

Deprecated: Will be removed in the next releases. Use [Dao.NonconcurrentDB()] instead.

Block acquires a lock and blocks all other go routines that uses the Dao instance until dao.Continue() is called, effectively making the concurrent requests to perform synchronous db operations.

This method should be used only as a last resort and as a workaround for the SQLITE_BUSY error when mixing read&write in a transaction.


func someLongRunningTransaction() error {
	ctx, cancel := context.WithTimeout(context.Background(), 10*time.Second)
	defer cancel()
	if err := app.Dao().Block(ctx); err != nil {
		return err
	defer app.Dao().Continue()

	return app.Dao().RunInTransaction(func (txDao *daos.Dao) error {
		// some long running read&write transaction...

func (*Dao) CollectionQuery

func (dao *Dao) CollectionQuery() *dbx.SelectQuery

CollectionQuery returns a new Collection select query.

func (*Dao) ConcurrentDB added in v0.10.0

func (dao *Dao) ConcurrentDB() dbx.Builder

ConcurrentDB returns the dao concurrent (aka. multiple open connections) db builder (*dbx.DB or *dbx.TX).

In a transaction the concurrentDB and nonconcurrentDB refer to the same *dbx.TX instance.

func (*Dao) Continue deprecated added in v0.9.1

func (dao *Dao) Continue()

Deprecated: Will be removed in the next releases. Use [Dao.NonconcurrentDB()] instead.

Continue releases the previously acquired Block() lock.

func (*Dao) DB

func (dao *Dao) DB() dbx.Builder

DB returns the default dao db builder (*dbx.DB or *dbx.TX).

Currently the default db builder is dao.concurrentDB but that may change in the future.

func (*Dao) Delete

func (dao *Dao) Delete(m models.Model) error

Delete deletes the provided model.

func (*Dao) DeleteAdmin

func (dao *Dao) DeleteAdmin(admin *models.Admin) error

DeleteAdmin deletes the provided Admin model.

Returns an error if there is only 1 admin.

func (*Dao) DeleteCollection

func (dao *Dao) DeleteCollection(collection *models.Collection) error

DeleteCollection deletes the provided Collection model. This method automatically deletes the related collection records table.

NB! The collection cannot be deleted, if: - is system collection (aka. collection.System is true) - is referenced as part of a relation field in another collection

func (*Dao) DeleteExternalAuth added in v0.6.0

func (dao *Dao) DeleteExternalAuth(model *models.ExternalAuth) error

DeleteExternalAuth deletes the provided ExternalAuth model.

func (*Dao) DeleteOldRequests

func (dao *Dao) DeleteOldRequests(createdBefore time.Time) error

DeleteOldRequests delete all requests that are created before createdBefore.

func (*Dao) DeleteParam

func (dao *Dao) DeleteParam(param *models.Param) error

DeleteParam deletes the provided Param model.

func (*Dao) DeleteRecord

func (dao *Dao) DeleteRecord(record *models.Record) error

DeleteRecord deletes the provided Record model.

This method will also cascade the delete operation to all linked relational records (delete or unset, depending on the rel settings).

The delete operation may fail if the record is part of a required reference in another record (aka. cannot be deleted or unset).

func (*Dao) DeleteTable

func (dao *Dao) DeleteTable(tableName string) error

DeleteTable drops the specified table.

func (*Dao) ExpandRecord

func (dao *Dao) ExpandRecord(record *models.Record, expands []string, fetchFunc ExpandFetchFunc) map[string]error

ExpandRecord expands the relations of a single Record model.

Returns a map with the failed expand parameters and their errors.

func (*Dao) ExpandRecords

func (dao *Dao) ExpandRecords(records []*models.Record, expands []string, fetchFunc ExpandFetchFunc) map[string]error

ExpandRecords expands the relations of the provided Record models list.

Returns a map with the failed expand parameters and their errors.

func (*Dao) ExternalAuthQuery added in v0.6.0

func (dao *Dao) ExternalAuthQuery() *dbx.SelectQuery

ExternalAuthQuery returns a new ExternalAuth select query.

func (*Dao) FindAdminByEmail

func (dao *Dao) FindAdminByEmail(email string) (*models.Admin, error)

FindAdminByEmail finds the admin with the provided email address.

func (*Dao) FindAdminById

func (dao *Dao) FindAdminById(id string) (*models.Admin, error)

FindAdminById finds the admin with the provided id.

func (*Dao) FindAdminByToken

func (dao *Dao) FindAdminByToken(token string, baseTokenKey string) (*models.Admin, error)

FindAdminByToken finds the admin associated with the provided JWT token.

Returns an error if the JWT token is invalid or expired.

func (*Dao) FindAllExternalAuthsByRecord added in v0.8.0

func (dao *Dao) FindAllExternalAuthsByRecord(authRecord *models.Record) ([]*models.ExternalAuth, error)

/ FindAllExternalAuthsByRecord returns all ExternalAuth models / linked to the provided auth record.

func (*Dao) FindAuthRecordByEmail added in v0.8.0

func (dao *Dao) FindAuthRecordByEmail(collectionNameOrId string, email string) (*models.Record, error)

FindAuthRecordByEmail finds the auth record associated with the provided email.

Returns an error if it is not an auth collection or the record is not found.

func (*Dao) FindAuthRecordByToken added in v0.8.0

func (dao *Dao) FindAuthRecordByToken(token string, baseTokenKey string) (*models.Record, error)

FindAuthRecordByToken finds the auth record associated with the provided JWT token.

Returns an error if the JWT token is invalid, expired or not associated to an auth collection record.

func (*Dao) FindAuthRecordByUsername added in v0.8.0

func (dao *Dao) FindAuthRecordByUsername(collectionNameOrId string, username string) (*models.Record, error)

FindAuthRecordByUsername finds the auth record associated with the provided username (case insensitive).

Returns an error if it is not an auth collection or the record is not found.

func (*Dao) FindById

func (dao *Dao) FindById(m models.Model, id string) error

FindById finds a single db record with the specified id and scans the result into m.

func (*Dao) FindCollectionByNameOrId

func (dao *Dao) FindCollectionByNameOrId(nameOrId string) (*models.Collection, error)

FindCollectionByNameOrId finds a single collection by its name (case insensitive) or id.

func (*Dao) FindCollectionReferences

func (dao *Dao) FindCollectionReferences(collection *models.Collection, excludeIds ...string) (map[*models.Collection][]*schema.SchemaField, error)

FindCollectionReferences returns information for all relation schema fields referencing the provided collection.

If the provided collection has reference to itself then it will be also included in the result. To exclude it, pass the collection id as the excludeId argument.

func (*Dao) FindCollectionsByType added in v0.8.0

func (dao *Dao) FindCollectionsByType(collectionType string) ([]*models.Collection, error)

FindCollectionsByType finds all collections by the given type.

func (*Dao) FindExternalAuthByProvider added in v0.6.0

func (dao *Dao) FindExternalAuthByProvider(provider, providerId string) (*models.ExternalAuth, error)

FindExternalAuthByProvider returns the first available ExternalAuth model for the specified provider and providerId.

func (*Dao) FindExternalAuthByRecordAndProvider added in v0.8.0

func (dao *Dao) FindExternalAuthByRecordAndProvider(authRecord *models.Record, provider string) (*models.ExternalAuth, error)

FindExternalAuthByRecordAndProvider returns the first available ExternalAuth model for the specified record data and provider.

func (*Dao) FindFirstRecordByData

func (dao *Dao) FindFirstRecordByData(collectionNameOrId string, key string, value any) (*models.Record, error)

FindFirstRecordByData returns the first found record matching the provided key-value pair.

func (*Dao) FindParamByKey

func (dao *Dao) FindParamByKey(key string) (*models.Param, error)

FindParamByKey finds the first Param model with the provided key.

func (*Dao) FindRecordById

func (dao *Dao) FindRecordById(
	collectionNameOrId string,
	recordId string,
	optFilters ...func(q *dbx.SelectQuery) error,
) (*models.Record, error)

FindRecordById finds the Record model by its id.

func (*Dao) FindRecordsByExpr

func (dao *Dao) FindRecordsByExpr(collectionNameOrId string, exprs ...dbx.Expression) ([]*models.Record, error)

FindRecordsByExpr finds all records by the specified db expression.

Returns all collection records if no expressions are provided.

Returns an empty slice if no records are found.


expr1 := dbx.HashExp{"email": "test@example.com"}
expr2 := dbx.NewExp("LOWER(username) = {:username}", dbx.Params{"username": "test"})
dao.FindRecordsByExpr("example", expr1, expr2)

func (*Dao) FindRecordsByIds

func (dao *Dao) FindRecordsByIds(
	collectionNameOrId string,
	recordIds []string,
	optFilters ...func(q *dbx.SelectQuery) error,
) ([]*models.Record, error)

FindRecordsByIds finds all Record models by the provided ids. If no records are found, returns an empty slice.

func (*Dao) FindRequestById

func (dao *Dao) FindRequestById(id string) (*models.Request, error)

FindRequestById finds a single Request log by its id.

func (*Dao) FindSettings added in v0.9.0

func (dao *Dao) FindSettings(optEncryptionKey ...string) (*settings.Settings, error)

FindSettings returns and decode the serialized app settings param value.

The method will first try to decode the param value without decryption. If it fails and optEncryptionKey is set, it will try again by first decrypting the value and then decode it again.

Returns an error if it fails to decode the stored serialized param value.

func (*Dao) GetTableColumns

func (dao *Dao) GetTableColumns(tableName string) ([]string, error)

GetTableColumns returns all column names of a single table by its name.

func (*Dao) HasTable

func (dao *Dao) HasTable(tableName string) bool

HasTable checks if a table with the provided name exists (case insensitive).

func (*Dao) ImportCollections added in v0.4.0

func (dao *Dao) ImportCollections(
	importedCollections []*models.Collection,
	deleteMissing bool,
	beforeRecordsSync func(txDao *Dao, mappedImported, mappedExisting map[string]*models.Collection) error,
) error

ImportCollections imports the provided collections list within a single transaction.

NB1! If deleteMissing is set, all local collections and schema fields, that are not present in the imported configuration, WILL BE DELETED (including their related records data).

NB2! This method doesn't perform validations on the imported collections data! If you need validations, use [forms.CollectionsImport].

func (*Dao) IsAdminEmailUnique

func (dao *Dao) IsAdminEmailUnique(email string, excludeIds ...string) bool

IsAdminEmailUnique checks if the provided email address is not already in use by other admins.

func (*Dao) IsCollectionNameUnique

func (dao *Dao) IsCollectionNameUnique(name string, excludeIds ...string) bool

IsCollectionNameUnique checks that there is no existing collection with the provided name (case insensitive!).

Note: case insensitive check because the name is used also as a table name for the records.

func (*Dao) IsRecordValueUnique

func (dao *Dao) IsRecordValueUnique(
	collectionNameOrId string,
	key string,
	value any,
	excludeIds ...string,
) bool

IsRecordValueUnique checks if the provided key-value pair is a unique Record value.

For correctness, if the collection is "auth" and the key is "username", the unique check will be case insensitive.

NB! Array values (eg. from multiple select fields) are matched as a serialized json strings (eg. `["a","b"]`), so the value uniqueness depends on the elements order. Or in other words the following values are considered different: `[]string{"a","b"}` and `[]string{"b","a"}`

func (*Dao) ModelQuery

func (dao *Dao) ModelQuery(m models.Model) *dbx.SelectQuery

ModelQuery creates a new query with preset Select and From fields based on the provided model argument.

func (*Dao) NonconcurrentDB added in v0.10.0

func (dao *Dao) NonconcurrentDB() dbx.Builder

NonconcurrentDB returns the dao nonconcurrent (aka. single open connection) db builder (*dbx.DB or *dbx.TX).

In a transaction the concurrentDB and nonconcurrentDB refer to the same *dbx.TX instance.

func (*Dao) ParamQuery

func (dao *Dao) ParamQuery() *dbx.SelectQuery

ParamQuery returns a new Param select query.

func (*Dao) RecordQuery

func (dao *Dao) RecordQuery(collection *models.Collection) *dbx.SelectQuery

RecordQuery returns a new Record select query.

func (*Dao) RequestQuery

func (dao *Dao) RequestQuery() *dbx.SelectQuery

RequestQuery returns a new Request logs select query.

func (*Dao) RequestsStats

func (dao *Dao) RequestsStats(expr dbx.Expression) ([]*RequestsStatsItem, error)

RequestsStats returns hourly grouped requests logs statistics.

func (*Dao) RunInTransaction

func (dao *Dao) RunInTransaction(fn func(txDao *Dao) error) error

RunInTransaction wraps fn into a transaction.

It is safe to nest RunInTransaction calls as long as you use the txDao.

func (*Dao) Save

func (dao *Dao) Save(m models.Model) error

Save upserts (update or create if primary key is not set) the provided model.

func (*Dao) SaveAdmin

func (dao *Dao) SaveAdmin(admin *models.Admin) error

SaveAdmin upserts the provided Admin model.

func (*Dao) SaveCollection

func (dao *Dao) SaveCollection(collection *models.Collection) error

SaveCollection upserts the provided Collection model and updates its related records table schema.

func (*Dao) SaveExternalAuth added in v0.6.0

func (dao *Dao) SaveExternalAuth(model *models.ExternalAuth) error

SaveExternalAuth upserts the provided ExternalAuth model.

func (*Dao) SaveParam

func (dao *Dao) SaveParam(key string, value any, optEncryptionKey ...string) error

SaveParam creates or updates a Param model by the provided key-value pair. The value argument will be encoded as json string.

If `optEncryptionKey` is provided it will encrypt the value before storing it.

func (*Dao) SaveRecord

func (dao *Dao) SaveRecord(record *models.Record) error

SaveRecord upserts the provided Record model.

func (*Dao) SaveRequest

func (dao *Dao) SaveRequest(request *models.Request) error

SaveRequest upserts the provided Request model.

func (*Dao) SaveSettings added in v0.9.0

func (dao *Dao) SaveSettings(newSettings *settings.Settings, optEncryptionKey ...string) error

SaveSettings persists the specified settings configuration.

If optEncryptionKey is set, then the stored serialized value will be encrypted with it.

func (*Dao) SuggestUniqueAuthRecordUsername added in v0.8.0

func (dao *Dao) SuggestUniqueAuthRecordUsername(
	collectionNameOrId string,
	baseUsername string,
	excludeIds ...string,
) string

SuggestUniqueAuthRecordUsername checks if the provided username is unique and return a new "unique" username with appended random numeric part (eg. "existingName" -> "existingName583").

The same username will be returned if the provided string is already unique.

func (*Dao) SyncRecordTableSchema

func (dao *Dao) SyncRecordTableSchema(newCollection *models.Collection, oldCollection *models.Collection) error

SyncRecordTableSchema compares the two provided collections and applies the necessary related record table changes.

If `oldCollection` is null, then only `newCollection` is used to create the record table.

func (*Dao) TotalAdmins

func (dao *Dao) TotalAdmins() (int, error)

TotalAdmins returns the number of existing admin records.

func (*Dao) Vacuum added in v0.8.0

func (dao *Dao) Vacuum() error

Vacuum executes VACUUM on the current dao.DB() instance in order to reclaim unused db disk space.

type ExpandFetchFunc

type ExpandFetchFunc func(relCollection *models.Collection, relIds []string) ([]*models.Record, error)

ExpandFetchFunc defines the function that is used to fetch the expanded relation records.

type RequestsStatsItem

type RequestsStatsItem struct {
	Total int            `db:"total" json:"total"`
	Date  types.DateTime `db:"date" json:"date"`

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