Package search is a wrapper around the blevesearch/bleve search indexing and query package, and provides interfaces to extend Ponzu items with rich, full-text search capability.



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    var (
    	// Search tracks all search indices to use throughout system
    	Search map[string]bleve.Index
    	// ErrNoIndex is for failed checks for an index in Search map
    	ErrNoIndex = errors.New("No search index found for type provided")


    func Backup

    func Backup(ctx context.Context, res http.ResponseWriter) error

      Backup creates an archive of a project's search index and writes it to the response as a download

      func DeleteIndex

      func DeleteIndex(id string) error

        DeleteIndex removes data from a content type's search index at the given identifier

        func MapIndex

        func MapIndex(typeName string) error

          MapIndex creates the mapping for a type and tracks the index to be used within the system for adding/deleting/checking data

          func TypeQuery

          func TypeQuery(typeName, query string, count, offset int) ([]string, error)

            TypeQuery conducts a search and returns a set of Ponzu "targets", Type:ID pairs, and an error. If there is no search index for the typeName (Type) provided, db.ErrNoIndex will be returned as the error

            func UpdateIndex

            func UpdateIndex(id string, data interface{}) error

              UpdateIndex sets data into a content type's search index at the given identifier


              type Searchable

              type Searchable interface {
              	SearchMapping() (*mapping.IndexMappingImpl, error)
              	IndexContent() bool

                Searchable ...