Package db contains all interfaces to the databases used by Ponzu, including exported functions to easily manage addons, users, indices, search, content, and configuration.



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    const (
    	// DefaultMaxAge provides a 2592000 second (30-day) cache max-age setting
    	DefaultMaxAge = int64(60 * 60 * 24 * 30)


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    var (
    	// ErrNoAddonExists indicates that there was not addon found in the db
    	ErrNoAddonExists = errors.New("No addon exists.")
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    var ErrNoUserExists = errors.New("Error. No user exists.")

      ErrNoUserExists is used for the db to report to admin user of non-existing user

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      var ErrUserExists = errors.New("Error. User exists.")

        ErrUserExists is used for the db to report to admin user of existing user


        func AddBucket

        func AddBucket(name string)

          AddBucket adds a bucket to be created if it doesn't already exist

          func Addon

          func Addon(key string) ([]byte, error)

            Addon looks for an addon by its addon_reverse_dns as the key and returns the []byte as json representation of an addon

            func AddonAll

            func AddonAll() [][]byte

              AddonAll returns all registered addons as a [][]byte

              func AddonExists

              func AddonExists(key string) bool

                AddonExists checks if there is an existing addon stored. The key is an the value at addon_reverse_dns

                func Backup

                func Backup(ctx context.Context, res http.ResponseWriter) error

                  Backup writes a snapshot of the system.db database to an HTTP response. The output is discarded if we get a cancellation signal.

                  func CacheControl

                  func CacheControl(next http.Handler) http.HandlerFunc

                    CacheControl sets the default cache policy on static asset responses

                    func Close

                    func Close()

                      Close exports the abillity to close our db file. Should be called with defer after call to Init() from the same place.

                      func Config

                      func Config(key string) ([]byte, error)

                        Config gets the value of a key in the configuration from the db

                        func ConfigAll

                        func ConfigAll() ([]byte, error)

                          ConfigAll gets the configuration from the db

                          func ConfigCache

                          func ConfigCache(key string) interface{}

                            ConfigCache is a in-memory cache of the Configs for quicker lookups 'key' is the JSON tag associated with the config field

                            func Content

                            func Content(target string) ([]byte, error)

                              Content retrives one item from the database. Non-existent values will return an empty []byte The `target` argument is a string made up of namespace:id (string:int)

                              func ContentAll

                              func ContentAll(namespace string) [][]byte

                                ContentAll retrives all items from the database within the provided namespace

                                func ContentBySlug

                                func ContentBySlug(slug string) (string, []byte, error)

                                  ContentBySlug does a lookup in the content index to find the type and id of the requested content. Subsequently, issues the lookup in the type bucket and returns the the type and data at that ID or nil if nothing exists.

                                  func ContentMulti

                                  func ContentMulti(targets []string) ([][]byte, error)

                                    ContentMulti returns a set of content based on the the targets / identifiers provided in Ponzu target string format: Type:ID NOTE: All targets should be of the same type

                                    func CurrentUser

                                    func CurrentUser(req *http.Request) ([]byte, error)

                                      CurrentUser extracts the user from the request data and returns the current user from the db

                                      func DeleteAddon

                                      func DeleteAddon(key string) error

                                        DeleteAddon removes an addon from the db by its key, the addon_reverse_dns

                                        func DeleteContent

                                        func DeleteContent(target string) error

                                          DeleteContent removes an item from the database. Deleting a non-existent item will return a nil error.

                                          func DeleteIndex

                                          func DeleteIndex(namespace, key string) error

                                            DeleteIndex removes the key and value from the namespace provided and will return an error if it fails. It will return nil if there was no key/value in the index to delete.

                                            func DeleteUpload

                                            func DeleteUpload(target string) error

                                              DeleteUpload removes the value for an upload at its key id, based on the target provided i.e. __uploads:{id}

                                              func DeleteUser

                                              func DeleteUser(email string) error

                                                DeleteUser deletes a user from the db by email

                                                func DropIndex

                                                func DropIndex(namespace string) error

                                                  DropIndex removes the index and all key/value pairs in the namespace index

                                                  func Index

                                                  func Index(namespace, key string) ([]byte, error)

                                                    Index gets the value from the namespace at the key provided

                                                    func Init

                                                    func Init()

                                                      Init creates a db connection, initializes db with required info, sets secrets

                                                      func InitSearchIndex

                                                      func InitSearchIndex()

                                                        InitSearchIndex initializes Search Index for search to be functional This was moved out of db.Init and put to main(), because addon checker was initializing db together with search indexing initialisation in time when there were no item.Types defined so search index was always empty when using addons. We still have no guarentee whatsoever that item.Types is defined Should be called from a goroutine after SetContent is successful (SortContent requirement)

                                                        func InvalidateCache

                                                        func InvalidateCache() error

                                                          InvalidateCache sets a new Etag for http responses

                                                          func IsValidID

                                                          func IsValidID(id string) bool

                                                            IsValidID checks that an ID from a DB target is valid. ID should be an integer greater than 0. ID of -1 is special for new posts, not updates. IDs start at 1 for auto-incrementing

                                                            func LoadCacheConfig

                                                            func LoadCacheConfig() error

                                                              LoadCacheConfig loads the config into a cache to be accessed by ConfigCache()

                                                              func NewEtag

                                                              func NewEtag() string

                                                                NewEtag generates a new Etag for response caching

                                                                func PutConfig

                                                                func PutConfig(key string, value interface{}) error

                                                                  PutConfig updates a single k/v in the config

                                                                  func Query

                                                                  func Query(namespace string, opts QueryOptions) (int, [][]byte)

                                                                    Query retrieves a set of content from the db based on options and returns the total number of content in the namespace and the content

                                                                    func RecoveryKey

                                                                    func RecoveryKey(email string) (string, error)

                                                                      RecoveryKey gets a previously set recovery key to verify an email address submitted in order to recover/reset an account password

                                                                      func SetAddon

                                                                      func SetAddon(data url.Values, kind interface{}) error

                                                                        SetAddon stores the values of an addon into the __addons bucket with a the `addon_reverse_dns` field used as the key. `kind` is the interface{} type for the provided addon (as in the result of calling addon.Types[id])

                                                                        func SetConfig

                                                                        func SetConfig(data url.Values) error

                                                                          SetConfig sets key:value pairs in the db for configuration settings

                                                                          func SetContent

                                                                          func SetContent(target string, data url.Values) (int, error)

                                                                            SetContent inserts/replaces values in the database. The `target` argument is a string made up of namespace:id (string:int)

                                                                            func SetIndex

                                                                            func SetIndex(namespace, key string, value interface{}) error

                                                                              SetIndex sets a key/value pair within the namespace provided and will return an error if it fails

                                                                              func SetRecoveryKey

                                                                              func SetRecoveryKey(email string) (string, error)

                                                                                SetRecoveryKey generates and saves a random secret key to verify an email address submitted in order to recover/reset an account password

                                                                                func SetUpload

                                                                                func SetUpload(target string, data url.Values) (int, error)

                                                                                  SetUpload stores information about files uploaded to the system

                                                                                  func SetUser

                                                                                  func SetUser(usr *user.User) (int, error)

                                                                                    SetUser sets key:value pairs in the db for user settings

                                                                                    func SortContent

                                                                                    func SortContent(namespace string)

                                                                                      SortContent sorts all content of the type supplied as the namespace by time, in descending order, from most recent to least recent Should be called from a goroutine after SetContent is successful

                                                                                      func Store

                                                                                      func Store() *bolt.DB

                                                                                        Store provides access to the underlying *bolt.DB store

                                                                                        func SystemInitComplete

                                                                                        func SystemInitComplete() bool

                                                                                          SystemInitComplete checks if there is at least 1 admin user in the db which would indicate that the system has been configured to the minimum required.

                                                                                          func UpdateContent

                                                                                          func UpdateContent(target string, data url.Values) (int, error)

                                                                                            UpdateContent updates/merges values in the database. The `target` argument is a string made up of namespace:id (string:int)

                                                                                            func UpdateUser

                                                                                            func UpdateUser(usr, updatedUsr *user.User) error

                                                                                              UpdateUser sets key:value pairs in the db for existing user settings

                                                                                              func Upload

                                                                                              func Upload(target string) ([]byte, error)

                                                                                                Upload returns the value for an upload by its target (__uploads:{id})

                                                                                                func UploadAll

                                                                                                func UploadAll() [][]byte

                                                                                                  UploadAll returns a [][]byte containing all upload data from the system

                                                                                                  func UploadBySlug

                                                                                                  func UploadBySlug(slug string) ([]byte, error)

                                                                                                    UploadBySlug returns the value for an upload by its slug

                                                                                                    func User

                                                                                                    func User(email string) ([]byte, error)

                                                                                                      User gets the user by email from the db

                                                                                                      func UserAll

                                                                                                      func UserAll() ([][]byte, error)

                                                                                                        UserAll returns all users from the db


                                                                                                        type QueryOptions

                                                                                                        type QueryOptions struct {
                                                                                                        	Count  int
                                                                                                        	Offset int
                                                                                                        	Order  string

                                                                                                          QueryOptions holds options for a query