Package jsonrpc2x provide helpers for JSON-RPC 2.0 API.



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    var (
    	ErrInvalidParams = jsonrpc2.NewError(-32602, "invalid params") // Client bug.
    	ErrInternal      = jsonrpc2.NewError(-32000, "server error")   // Server bug or I/O issue.

      Standard errors.


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      type Client

      type Client struct {
      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

        Client provides an easier way to use jsonrpc2.Client.

        func NewHTTPClient

        func NewHTTPClient(url string) *Client

          NewHTTPClient wraps jsonrpc2.NewHTTPClient.

          func (*Client) Call

          func (c *Client) Call(serviceMethod string, args interface{}, reply interface{}) error

            Call invokes the named function, waits for it to complete, and returns its error status. It also applies jsonrpc2.WrapError to returned error and automatically handles rpc.ErrShutdown and io.ErrUnexpectedEOF.

            type Error

            type Error struct {
            	Err *jsonrpc2.Error

              Error wraps JSON-RPC 2.0 "Error object" to match (using errors.Is) any other JSON-RPC 2.0 error with same code.

              func NewError

              func NewError(code int, message string) *Error

                NewError returns an Error with given code and message.

                func (*Error) Error

                func (e *Error) Error() string

                  Error returns JSON representation of Error.

                  func (*Error) Is

                  func (e *Error) Is(target error) bool

                    Is reports whether target error's code matches this error's code.

                    func (*Error) Unwrap

                    func (e *Error) Unwrap() error

                      Unwrap returns wrapped error.

                      type Handler

                      type Handler func() error

                        Handler is a JSON-RPC 2.0 method handler.

                        type Log

                        type Log = *structlog.Logger

                          Log is a synonym for convenience.

                          type Metrics

                          type Metrics struct {
                          	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                            Metrics contains general metrics for JSON-RPC 2.0 methods.

                            func NewMetrics

                            func NewMetrics(
                            	reg *prometheus.Registry,
                            	service string,
                            	subsystem string,
                            	methodsFrom map[string]interface{},
                            	errsCommon []error,
                            	errsExtra map[string][]error,
                            ) (
                            	metric Metrics,

                              NewMetrics registers and returns common JSON-RPC 2.0 metrics used by all services (namespace).

                              type Middleware

                              type Middleware func(Handler) Handler

                                Middleware is a JSON-RPC 2.0 middleware.

                                func MakeAccessLog

                                func MakeAccessLog(log Log) Middleware

                                  MakeAccessLog creates middleware which log method call success/failure.

                                  func MakeMetrics

                                  func MakeMetrics(metric Metrics, methodName string) Middleware

                                    MakeMetrics creates middleware which add default metrics.

                                    func MakeRecovery

                                    func MakeRecovery(log Log, metric def.Metrics) Middleware

                                      MakeRecovery creates middleware which handle panics.

                                      func MakeValidateErr

                                      func MakeValidateErr(log Log, strict bool, errsCommon, errsExtra []error) Middleware

                                        MakeValidateErr creates middleware which validates error against documented errors (api.ErrsCommon + api.ErrsExtra[method]).

                                        Use NewError instead of jsonrpc2.NewError to create errors which must match documented errors only by code.

                                        TODO Add new metric to report and extra (metric, methodName) args.