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Package zipkin adds Zipkin tracing support that can be used in conjunction with SpoofingClient to log zipkin traces for requests that have encountered server errors i.e HTTP request that have HTTP status between 500 to 600.

This package exposes following methods:

SetupZipkinTracing(*kubernetes.Clientset) error
	SetupZipkinTracing sets up zipkin tracing by setting up port-forwarding from
	localhost to zipkin pod on the cluster. On successful setup this method sets
	an internal flag zipkinTracingEnabled to true.

CleanupZipkinTracingSetup() error
	CleanupZipkinTracingSetup cleans up zipkin tracing setup by cleaning up the
	port-forwarding setup by call to SetupZipkinTracing. This method also sets
	zipkinTracingEnabled flag to false.

A general flow for a Test Suite to use Zipkin Tracing support is as follows:

1. Call SetupZipkinTracing(*kubernetes.Clientset) in TestMain.
2. Use SpoofingClient to make HTTP requests.
3. Call CleanupZipkinTracingSetup on cleanup after tests are executed.



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const (
	//ZipkinTraceIDHeader HTTP response header key to be used to store Zipkin Trace ID.
	ZipkinTraceIDHeader = "ZIPKIN_TRACE_ID"

	// ZipkinPort is port exposed by the Zipkin Pod
	// configures the Zipkin Port on the cluster.
	ZipkinPort = 9411

	// ZipkinTraceEndpoint port-forwarded zipkin endpoint
	ZipkinTraceEndpoint = "http://localhost:9411/api/v2/trace/"


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var (

	// ZipkinTracingEnabled variable indicating if zipkin tracing is enabled.
	ZipkinTracingEnabled = false


func CheckZipkinPortAvailability

func CheckZipkinPortAvailability() error

CheckZipkinPortAvailability checks to see if Zipkin Port is available on the machine. returns error if the port is not available.

func CleanupZipkinTracingSetup

func CleanupZipkinTracingSetup(logf logging.FormatLogger)

CleanupZipkinTracingSetup cleans up the Zipkin tracing setup on the machine. This involves killing the process performing port-forward.

func JSONTrace

func JSONTrace(traceID string) (string, error)

JSONTrace returns a trace for the given traceId in JSON format

func SetupZipkinTracing

func SetupZipkinTracing(kubeClientset *kubernetes.Clientset, logf logging.FormatLogger)

SetupZipkinTracing sets up zipkin tracing which involves: 1. Setting up port-forwarding from localhost to zipkin pod on the cluster

(pid of the process doing Port-Forward is stored in a global variable).

2. Enable AlwaysSample config for tracing.


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