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Published: Apr 6, 2020 License: AGPL-3.0 Imports: 17 Imported by: 0



Package websockets implements functionality related to the API websockets.



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const (
	TypeConnected                = "connected"
	TypeInvalidMessage           = "invalid_message_type"
	TypeUnexpectedError          = "unexpected_error"
	TypeNotFound                 = "not_found"
	TypeSubscribedToScores       = "subscribed_to_scores"
	TypeNewScore                 = "new_score"
	TypeSubscribedToMultiMatches = "subscribed_mp_complete_match"
	TypeNewMatch                 = "new_completed_match"
	TypeIdentified               = "identified"
	TypeRestrictedVisibilitySet  = "restricted_visibility_set"
	TypePong                     = "pong"

Server Message Types

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const (
	TypeSubscribeScores         = "subscribe_scores"
	TypeSubscribeMultiMatches   = "subscribe_mp_complete_match"
	TypeIdentify                = "identify"
	TypeSetRestrictedVisibility = "set_restricted_visibility"
	TypePing                    = "ping"

Client Message Types


This section is empty.


func Identify

func Identify(c *conn, message incomingMessage)

Identify sets the identity of the user.

func SetRestrictedVisibility

func SetRestrictedVisibility(c *conn, message incomingMessage)

SetRestrictedVisibility sets whether the information of restricted users can be seen.

func Start

func Start(r *redis.Client, _db *sqlx.DB) error

Start begins websocket functionality

func SubscribeMultiMatches

func SubscribeMultiMatches(c *conn, message incomingMessage)

SubscribeMultiMatches subscribes to receiving information from completed games in multiplayer matches.

func SubscribeScores

func SubscribeScores(c *conn, message incomingMessage)

SubscribeScores subscribes a connection to score updates.

func WebsocketV1Entry

func WebsocketV1Entry(ctx *fasthttp.RequestCtx)

WebsocketV1Entry upgrades a connection to a websocket.


type Message

type Message struct {
	Type string      `json:"type"`
	Data interface{} `json:"data,omitempty"`

Message is the wrapped information for a message sent to the client.

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