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const (
	// SuccessSynced is used as part of the Event 'reason' when a WorkerPodAutoScaler is synced
	SuccessSynced = "Synced"
	// ErrResourceExists is used as part of the Event 'reason' when a WorkerPodAutoScaler fails
	// to sync due to a Deployment of the same name already existing.
	ErrResourceExists = "ErrResourceExists"

	// MessageResourceExists is the message used for Events when a resource
	// fails to sync due to a Deployment already existing
	MessageResourceExists = "Resource %q already exists and is not managed by WorkerPodAutoScaler"
	// MessageResourceSynced is the message used for an Event fired when a WorkerPodAutoScaler
	// is synced successfully
	MessageResourceSynced = "WorkerPodAutoScaler synced successfully"

	// WokerPodAutoScalerEventAdd stores the add event name
	WokerPodAutoScalerEventAdd = "add"

	// WokerPodAutoScalerEventUpdate stores the add event name
	WokerPodAutoScalerEventUpdate = "update"

	// WokerPodAutoScalerEventDelete stores the add event name
	WokerPodAutoScalerEventDelete = "delete"


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func GetDesiredWorkers added in v1.1.0

func GetDesiredWorkers(
	queueName string,
	queueMessages int32,
	messagesSentPerMinute float64,
	secondsToProcessOneJob float64,
	targetMessagesPerWorker int32,
	currentWorkers int32,
	idleWorkers int32,
	minWorkers int32,
	maxWorkers int32,
	maxDisruption *string) int32

GetDesiredWorkers finds the desired number of workers which are required


type Controller

type Controller struct {

	// QueueList keeps the list of all the queues in memeory
	// which is used by the core controller and the sqs exporter
	Queues *queue.Queues
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Controller is the controller implementation for WorkerPodAutoScaler resources

func NewController

func NewController(
	ctx context.Context,
	kubeclientset kubernetes.Interface,
	customclientset clientset.Interface,
	deploymentInformer appsinformers.DeploymentInformer,
	replicaSetInformer appsinformers.ReplicaSetInformer,
	workerPodAutoScalerInformer informers.WorkerPodAutoScalerInformer,
	defaultMaxDisruption string,
	queues *queue.Queues) *Controller

NewController returns a new sample controller

func (*Controller) Run

func (c *Controller) Run(threadiness int, stopCh <-chan struct{}) error

Run will set up the event handlers for types we are interested in, as well as syncing informer caches and starting workers. It will block until stopCh is closed, at which point it will shutdown the workqueue and wait for workers to finish processing their current work items.

type WokerPodAutoScalerEvent

type WokerPodAutoScalerEvent struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

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