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const (
	// Type used in config.
	Type = "k8"


This section is empty.


func New


type K8r

type K8r struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*K8r) Close

func (k *K8r) Close()

Close stops the recolver

func (*K8r) GetEndPoints

func (k *K8r) GetEndPoints() []string

GetEndPoints returns an array of Ips for the given service at that point of time.

func (*K8r) Latest

func (k *K8r) Latest() []string

Latest returns the latest when watcher triggers a refresh for k8 since the watcher doesnt update the list of endpoints., Latest call will get the endpoints and update them

func (*K8r) Refresh

func (k *K8r) Refresh() <-chan bool

Refresh tells when to refresh the data

func (*K8r) Watch

func (k *K8r) Watch()

Watch triggers a bool chan on K8r to convey refresh to the caller Blocks for updates

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