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Package service contains the cmd/k8sm-scheduler glue code



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const (
	SCHEDULER_SERVICE_NAME = "k8sm-scheduler"


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type SchedulerServer

type SchedulerServer struct {
	Port                          int
	Address                       util.IP
	EnableProfiling               bool
	AuthPath                      string
	APIServerList                 util.StringList
	EtcdServerList                util.StringList
	EtcdConfigFile                string
	AllowPrivileged               bool
	ExecutorPath                  string
	ProxyPath                     string
	MesosMaster                   string
	MesosUser                     string
	MesosRole                     string
	MesosAuthPrincipal            string
	MesosAuthSecretFile           string
	Checkpoint                    bool
	FailoverTimeout               float64
	ExecutorBindall               bool
	ExecutorRunProxy              bool
	ExecutorProxyBindall          bool
	ExecutorLogV                  int
	ExecutorSuicideTimeout        time.Duration
	MesosAuthProvider             string
	DriverPort                    uint
	HostnameOverride              string
	ReconcileInterval             int64
	ReconcileCooldown             time.Duration
	SchedulerConfigFileName       string
	Graceful                      bool
	FrameworkName                 string
	FrameworkWebURI               string
	HA                            bool
	AdvertisedAddress             string
	ServiceAddress                util.IP
	HADomain                      string
	KMPath                        string
	ClusterDNS                    util.IP
	ClusterDomain                 string
	KubeletRootDirectory          string
	KubeletDockerEndpoint         string
	KubeletPodInfraContainerImage string
	KubeletCadvisorPort           uint
	KubeletHostNetworkSources     string
	KubeletSyncFrequency          time.Duration
	KubeletNetworkPluginName      string
	StaticPodsConfigPath          string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewSchedulerServer

func NewSchedulerServer() *SchedulerServer

NewSchedulerServer creates a new SchedulerServer with default parameters

func (*SchedulerServer) AddHyperkubeFlags

func (s *SchedulerServer) AddHyperkubeFlags(fs *pflag.FlagSet)

func (*SchedulerServer) AddStandaloneFlags

func (s *SchedulerServer) AddStandaloneFlags(fs *pflag.FlagSet)

func (*SchedulerServer) Run

func (s *SchedulerServer) Run(hks hyperkube.Interface, _ []string) error

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