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Package notifier notifies through a channel whenever your machine is put to sleep or is woken up. Calling the Start() function will get you a channel on which you receive both "Sleep" and "Awake" activities.


The library can be installed using:

go get -u


The usage is as following:

 notifierCh := notifier.GetInstance().Start()

 for {
	select {
	case activity := <-notifierCh:
		if activity.Type == notifier.Awake {
			log.Println("machine awake")
		} else {
			if activity.Type == notifier.Sleep {
				log.Println("machine sleeping")



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func CanSleep

func CanSleep()

export CanSleep

func StartNotifier

func StartNotifier()

StartNotifier starts the internal notifier function which communicates with the C library.

func StopNotifier

func StopNotifier()

StopNotifier stops the internal notifier function which communicates with the C library.

func WillSleep

func WillSleep()

export WillSleep

func WillWake

func WillWake()

export WillWake


type Activity

type Activity struct {
	Type Type

Activity struct is used to hold the sleep and awake activity.

type Notifier

type Notifier struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Notifier notifies about the sleep/wake events

func GetInstance

func GetInstance() *Notifier

GetInstance gets the singleton instance for the notifier

func (*Notifier) Quit

func (n *Notifier) Quit()

Quit the notifier

func (*Notifier) Start

func (n *Notifier) Start() chan *Activity

Start the notifier. It returns an Activity channel to listen for machine sleep/wake activities.

type Type

type Type string

Type determines if it is a sleep or an awake type activity

const (
	Sleep Type = "sleep"
	Awake Type = "awake"

The 2 types of activities

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