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const (
	// Type is the type of Extension resource.
	Type = "certificate-service"
	// ControllerName is the name of the Certificate Service controller.
	ControllerName = "certificate_service_controller"
	// FinalizerSuffix is the finalizer suffix for the Certificate Service controller.
	FinalizerSuffix = "certificate-service-controller"
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const ActuatorName = "certificate-service-actuator"

ActuatorName is the name of the Certificate Service actuator.


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var (
	// DefaultAddOptions are the default AddOptions for AddToManager.
	DefaultAddOptions = AddOptions{}


func AddToManager

func AddToManager(mgr manager.Manager) error

AddToManager adds a controller with the default Options to the given Controller Manager.

func AddToManagerWithOptions

func AddToManagerWithOptions(mgr manager.Manager, opts controller.Options, config controllerconfig.Config) error

AddToManagerWithOptions adds a controller with the given Options to the given manager. The opts.Reconciler is being set with a newly instantiated actuator.

func NewActuator

func NewActuator(config config.Configuration) extension.Actuator

NewActuator returns an actuator responsible for Extension resources.


type AddOptions

type AddOptions struct {
	// ControllerOptions contains options for the controller.
	ControllerOptions controller.Options
	// ServiceConfig contains configuration for the certificate service.
	ServiceConfig controllerconfig.Config
	// IgnoreOperationAnnotation specifies whether to ignore the operation annotation or not.
	IgnoreOperationAnnotation bool

AddOptions are options to apply when adding the certificate service controller to the manager.

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