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const Endpoint = ""


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func Builder

func Builder(bidderName openrtb_ext.BidderName, config config.Adapter) (adapters.Bidder, error)

Builder builds a new instance of the Telaria adapter for the given bidder with the given config.

func GetHeaders

func GetHeaders(request *openrtb2.BidRequest) *http.Header

Fetches the populated header object


type ImpressionExtOut

type ImpressionExtOut struct {
	OriginalTagID       string `json:"originalTagid"`
	OriginalPublisherID string `json:"originalPublisherid"`

This will be part of Imp[i].Ext when this adapter calls out the Telaria Ad Server

type TelariaAdapter

type TelariaAdapter struct {
	URI string

func (*TelariaAdapter) CheckHasImps

func (a *TelariaAdapter) CheckHasImps(request *openrtb2.BidRequest) error

Checker method to ensure len(request.Imp) > 0

func (*TelariaAdapter) CheckHasVideoObject

func (a *TelariaAdapter) CheckHasVideoObject(request *openrtb2.BidRequest) error

Checking if Imp[i].Video exists and Imp[i].Banner doesn't exist

func (*TelariaAdapter) CheckResponseStatusCodes

func (a *TelariaAdapter) CheckResponseStatusCodes(response *adapters.ResponseData) error

func (*TelariaAdapter) FetchEndpoint

func (a *TelariaAdapter) FetchEndpoint() string

Endpoint for Telaria Ad server

func (*TelariaAdapter) FetchOriginalPublisherID

func (a *TelariaAdapter) FetchOriginalPublisherID(request *openrtb2.BidRequest) string

Method to fetch the original publisher ID. Note that this method must be called before we replace publisher.ID with seatCode

func (*TelariaAdapter) FetchTelariaExtImpParams

func (a *TelariaAdapter) FetchTelariaExtImpParams(imp *openrtb2.Imp) (*openrtb_ext.ExtImpTelaria, error)

Checks the imp[i].ext object and returns a imp.ext object as per ExtImpTelaria format

func (*TelariaAdapter) MakeBids

func (a *TelariaAdapter) MakeBids(internalRequest *openrtb2.BidRequest, externalRequest *adapters.RequestData, response *adapters.ResponseData) (*adapters.BidderResponse, []error)

func (*TelariaAdapter) MakePublisherObject

func (a *TelariaAdapter) MakePublisherObject(seatCode string, publisher *openrtb2.Publisher) *openrtb2.Publisher

Method to do a deep copy of the publisher object. It also adds the seatCode as publisher.ID

func (*TelariaAdapter) MakeRequests

func (a *TelariaAdapter) MakeRequests(requestIn *openrtb2.BidRequest, reqInfo *adapters.ExtraRequestInfo) ([]*adapters.RequestData, []error)

func (*TelariaAdapter) PopulatePublisherId

func (a *TelariaAdapter) PopulatePublisherId(request *openrtb2.BidRequest, seatCode string) (*openrtb2.Site, *openrtb2.App)

This method changes <site/app> to the seatCode

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