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const (
	// MysqlPort is the default mysql port.
	MysqlPort = 3306

	// OrcTopologyDir path where orc conf secret is mounted
	OrcTopologyDir = "/var/run/orc-topology"

	// SidecarServerPort represents the port on which http server will run
	SidecarServerPort = 8080
	// SidecarServerProbePath the probe path
	SidecarServerProbePath = "/health"

	// ExporterPort is the port that metrics will be exported
	ExporterPort = 9125

	// ExporterPath is the path on which metrics are expose
	ExporterPath = "/metrics"

	// HelperDbName represent the database name that is used by operator to
	// manage the mysql cluster. This database contains a table with
	// initialization history and table managed by pt-heartbeat. Be aware that
	// when changeing this value to update the orchestrator chart value for
	// SlaveLagQuery in hack/charts/mysql-operator/values.yaml.
	HelperDbName = "sys_operator"

	// ConfVolumeMountPath is the path where mysql configs will be mounted
	ConfVolumeMountPath = "/etc/mysql"

	// DataVolumeMountPath is the path to mysql data
	DataVolumeMountPath = "/var/lib/mysql"

	// ConfMapVolumeMountPath represents the temp config mount path in init containers
	ConfMapVolumeMountPath = "/mnt/conf"

	// ConfDPath is the path to extra mysql configs dir
	ConfDPath = "/etc/mysql/conf.d"


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var (
	// MysqlImageVersions is a map of supported mysql version and their image
	MysqlImageVersions = map[string]string{

		"5.7": "percona@sha256:c8b69b3c753cb04f1cbf8a4a1f295f51675761ee6368a47808a5205e2d45cfeb",

		"5.7-centos": "percona@sha256:b3b7fb177b416563c46fe012298e042ec1607cc0539ce6014146380b0d27b08c",


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