Package catalog is used to register internal plugins such that they can be loaded.



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func Catalog

func Catalog() map[loader.PluginID]*Registration

Catalog returns the catalog of internal plugins

func Register

func Register(id loader.PluginID, config *loader.InternalPluginConfig)

Register is used to register an internal plugin.

func RegisterDeferredConfig

func RegisterDeferredConfig(id loader.PluginID, config *loader.InternalPluginConfig, configLoader ConfigFromOptions)

RegisterDeferredConfig is used to register an internal plugin that sets its config using the client's option map.

func TestPluginLoader

func TestPluginLoader(t testing.T) loader.PluginCatalog

TestPluginLoader returns a plugin loader populated only with internal plugins

func TestPluginLoaderWithOptions

func TestPluginLoaderWithOptions(t testing.T,
	pluginDir string,
	options map[string]string,
	configs []*config.PluginConfig) loader.PluginCatalog

TestPluginLoaderWithOptions allows configuring the plugin loader fully.


type ConfigFromOptions

type ConfigFromOptions func(options map[string]string) (config map[string]interface{}, err error)

ConfigFromOptions is used to retrieve a plugin config when passed a node's option map. This allows upgrade pathing from the old configuration format to the new config format.

type Registration

type Registration struct {
	Config       *loader.InternalPluginConfig
	ConfigLoader ConfigFromOptions

Registration is the registration of an internal plugin