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Using this Example

This is a simple HTTP server which creates the reCaptcha form and tests the input.

Build the example after installing the recaptcha package:

go get github.com/dpapathanasiou/go-recaptcha
cd $GOPATH/src/github.com/dpapathanasiou/go-recaptcha/example
go build example.go

Run the server* by invoking the executable:

./example <reCaptcha public key (aka Site key)> <reCaptcha private key (aka Secret key)>

You can access the page from http://localhost:9001/ in your browser.

For more information on client side setup and other configuration options, check the official documentation.

* make sure 'localhost' is added to the list of domains allowed for the site registered at reCaptcha.




A simple HTTP server which presents a reCaptcha input form and evaulates the result, using the github.com/dpapathanasiou/go-recaptcha package.

See the main() function for usage.

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