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func OnStart

func OnStart()

The OnStart function is used to deal with a bug? in gomobile on android

func ReceiveAction

func ReceiveAction(actionJSONString string)

func Start

func Start(givenBridge IrmaBridge, appDataPath string, assetsPath string)

The Start function is invoked from Javascript via native code, when the app starts


type ActionHandler

type ActionHandler struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*ActionHandler) Authenticate

func (ah *ActionHandler) Authenticate(action *AuthenticateAction) (err error)

func (*ActionHandler) ChangePin

func (ah *ActionHandler) ChangePin(action *ChangePinAction) (err error)

func (*ActionHandler) DeleteAllCredentials

func (ah *ActionHandler) DeleteAllCredentials() (err error)

Request to remove all attributes and keyshare enrollment

func (*ActionHandler) DeleteCredential

func (ah *ActionHandler) DeleteCredential(action *DeleteCredentialAction) error

func (*ActionHandler) DismissSession

func (ah *ActionHandler) DismissSession(action *DismissSessionAction) error

func (*ActionHandler) Enroll

func (ah *ActionHandler) Enroll(action *EnrollAction) (err error)

func (*ActionHandler) NewSession

func (ah *ActionHandler) NewSession(action *NewSessionAction) (err error)

func (*ActionHandler) RespondPermission

func (ah *ActionHandler) RespondPermission(action *RespondPermissionAction) (err error)

func (*ActionHandler) RespondPin

func (ah *ActionHandler) RespondPin(action *RespondPinAction) (err error)

func (*ActionHandler) SetCrashReportingPreference

func (ah *ActionHandler) SetCrashReportingPreference(action *SetCrashReportingPreferenceAction) error

type AuthenticateAction

type AuthenticateAction struct {
	Pin string

type ChangePinAction

type ChangePinAction struct {
	OldPin string
	NewPin string

Changing keyshare pin

type ClientHandler

type ClientHandler struct {

func (*ClientHandler) ChangePinBlocked

func (ch *ClientHandler) ChangePinBlocked(managerIdentifier irma.SchemeManagerIdentifier, timeout int)

func (*ClientHandler) ChangePinFailure

func (ch *ClientHandler) ChangePinFailure(managerIdentifier irma.SchemeManagerIdentifier, plainErr error)

func (*ClientHandler) ChangePinIncorrect

func (ch *ClientHandler) ChangePinIncorrect(managerIdentifier irma.SchemeManagerIdentifier, attempts int)

func (*ClientHandler) ChangePinSuccess

func (ch *ClientHandler) ChangePinSuccess(managerIdentifier irma.SchemeManagerIdentifier)

func (*ClientHandler) EnrollmentFailure

func (ch *ClientHandler) EnrollmentFailure(managerIdentifier irma.SchemeManagerIdentifier, plainErr error)

func (*ClientHandler) EnrollmentSuccess

func (ch *ClientHandler) EnrollmentSuccess(managerIdentifier irma.SchemeManagerIdentifier)

func (*ClientHandler) UpdateAttributes

func (ch *ClientHandler) UpdateAttributes()

func (*ClientHandler) UpdateConfiguration

func (ch *ClientHandler) UpdateConfiguration(new *irma.IrmaIdentifierSet)

type DeleteCredentialAction

type DeleteCredentialAction struct {
	Hash string

type DismissSessionAction

type DismissSessionAction struct {
	SessionID int

Dismiss the current session

type EnrollAction

type EnrollAction struct {
	Email    *string
	Pin      string
	Language string

Enrollment to a keyshare server

type IrmaBridge

type IrmaBridge interface {
	SendEvent(channel string, message string)
	DebugLog(message string)

IrmaBridge is the Objective C or Java component we use to communicate to Javascript

type NewSessionAction

type NewSessionAction struct {
	SessionID int
	Request   json.RawMessage

Initiating a new session

type OutgoingAction

type OutgoingAction map[string]interface{}

type RespondPermissionAction

type RespondPermissionAction struct {
	SessionID         int
	Proceed           bool
	DisclosureChoices [][]*irma.AttributeIdentifier

Responding to a permission prompt when disclosing, issuing or signing

type RespondPinAction

type RespondPinAction struct {
	SessionID int
	Proceed   bool
	Pin       string

Responding to a request for a pin code

type SessionHandler

type SessionHandler struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*SessionHandler) Cancelled

func (sh *SessionHandler) Cancelled()

func (*SessionHandler) Failure

func (sh *SessionHandler) Failure(err *irma.SessionError)

func (*SessionHandler) KeyshareBlocked

func (sh *SessionHandler) KeyshareBlocked(manager irma.SchemeManagerIdentifier, duration int)

func (*SessionHandler) KeyshareEnrollmentDeleted

func (sh *SessionHandler) KeyshareEnrollmentDeleted(manager irma.SchemeManagerIdentifier)

func (*SessionHandler) KeyshareEnrollmentIncomplete

func (sh *SessionHandler) KeyshareEnrollmentIncomplete(manager irma.SchemeManagerIdentifier)

func (*SessionHandler) KeyshareEnrollmentMissing

func (sh *SessionHandler) KeyshareEnrollmentMissing(manager irma.SchemeManagerIdentifier)

func (*SessionHandler) RequestIssuancePermission

func (sh *SessionHandler) RequestIssuancePermission(request *irma.IssuanceRequest, candidates [][][]*irma.AttributeIdentifier, serverName irma.TranslatedString, ph irmaclient.PermissionHandler)

func (*SessionHandler) RequestPin

func (sh *SessionHandler) RequestPin(remainingAttempts int, ph irmaclient.PinHandler)

func (*SessionHandler) RequestSchemeManagerPermission

func (sh *SessionHandler) RequestSchemeManagerPermission(manager *irma.SchemeManager, callback func(proceed bool))

func (*SessionHandler) RequestSignaturePermission

func (sh *SessionHandler) RequestSignaturePermission(request *irma.SignatureRequest, candidates [][][]*irma.AttributeIdentifier, serverName irma.TranslatedString, ph irmaclient.PermissionHandler)

func (*SessionHandler) RequestVerificationPermission

func (sh *SessionHandler) RequestVerificationPermission(request *irma.DisclosureRequest, candidates [][][]*irma.AttributeIdentifier, serverName irma.TranslatedString, ph irmaclient.PermissionHandler)

func (*SessionHandler) StatusUpdate

func (sh *SessionHandler) StatusUpdate(irmaAction irma.Action, status irma.Status)

func (*SessionHandler) Success

func (sh *SessionHandler) Success(result string)

func (*SessionHandler) UnsatisfiableRequest

func (sh *SessionHandler) UnsatisfiableRequest(request irma.SessionRequest,
	serverName irma.TranslatedString, missing irmaclient.MissingAttributes)

type SetCrashReportingPreferenceAction

type SetCrashReportingPreferenceAction struct {
	EnableCrashReporting bool

Set the crash reporting preference, and return the current preferences to irma_mobile

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