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func GetAttrs

func GetAttrs(obj runtime.Object) (labels.Set, fields.Set, error)

GetAttrs returns labels.Set, fields.Set, the presence of Initializers if any and error in case the given runtime.Object is not a Pizza

func MatchPizza

func MatchPizza(label labels.Selector, field fields.Selector) storage.SelectionPredicate

MatchPizza is the filter used by the generic etcd backend to watch events from etcd to clients of the apiserver only interested in specific labels/fields.

func NewREST

func NewREST(scheme *runtime.Scheme, optsGetter generic.RESTOptionsGetter) (*registry.REST, error)

NewREST returns a RESTStorage object that will work against API services.

func NewStrategy

func NewStrategy(typer runtime.ObjectTyper) pizzaStrategy

NewStrategy creates and returns a pizzaStrategy instance

func SelectableFields

func SelectableFields(obj *restaurant.Pizza) fields.Set

SelectableFields returns a field set that represents the object.


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