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func BadRequest

func BadRequest(ctx *gin.Context, err error)

func CalcTimeRange

func CalcTimeRange(fromDate string, toDate string) int64

func CheckHash

func CheckHash(hash string, secret string) error

func ConvertInterfaceToIntMap

func ConvertInterfaceToIntMap(i []interface{}) []int

func ConvertToString

func ConvertToString(any interface{}) string

func CreateHash

func CreateHash(secret string) string

func CreateMD5

func CreateMD5(secret interface{}) string

func CreateSHA1

func CreateSHA1(secret interface{}) string

func Fail

func Fail(ctx *gin.Context, err error)

func GetBytes

func GetBytes(key interface{}) ([]byte, error)

func GetFileContentType

func GetFileContentType(extension string) string

func GetGinRequest

func GetGinRequest(c *gin.Context)

func GetIso8601

func GetIso8601() string

func GetJSON

func GetJSON(value interface{})

func GetPostJSON

func GetPostJSON(ctx *gin.Context)

func GetRfc2822

func GetRfc2822() string

func GetTimeLayout

func GetTimeLayout() string

func GetType

func GetType(value interface{})

func Response

func Response(ctx *gin.Context, value interface{}, err error)

func Success

func Success(ctx *gin.Context, value interface{}, message interface{})

func Unauthorized

func Unauthorized(ctx *gin.Context, err error)

func UploadSuccess

func UploadSuccess(ctx *gin.Context, value interface{}, message interface{})

func ValidJSONWebToken

func ValidJSONWebToken(requestToken string) bool


type Result

type Result struct {
	Value interface{}
	Error interface{}

type Token

type Token struct {
	Token string
	Exp   int64

func CreateJWT

func CreateJWT() (token Token)

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